data center monitoring

Back to the basics with software-defined data centers

Traditional monitoring and management techniques can help government IT administrators deliver an automated, scalable and highly agile networking environment.

GCN dig IT awards

Deadline extended for 2017 dig IT award nominations

You have until July 15 to help GCN identify the innovative tech that's transforming government at all levels.

CFD model of a data center air flow (Future Facilities)

How computational fluid dynamics modeling can accelerate DCOI

CFD can give data center managers visibility into airflow to help them gauge the effectiveness of their optimization efforts.

data backup (Maksim Kabakou/

Building a better backup

A sound, mulitiered backup strategy relies on risk assessment, security and testing.

consolidation (By tereez/

NJ to consolidate IT infrastructure

The state will move to centralized IT functions, pulling hardware, operations and staff out of the individual departments.

road narrows ahead sign

The bottleneck in DOD’s move to the cloud

Providing cloud access points as a service might speed data center consolidation, acting CIO John Zangardi suggests.

IBM cloud data center (IBM)

IBM powers up new data centers

IBM is beefing up its cloud data center capacity to meet demand for cloud infrastructure and accommodate internet-of-things, blockchain and quantum computing applications.

data center (ESB Professional/

Evolving options for on-premises data centers

Even as more operations move to the cloud, there are times when on-premises computing can be the right choice.

data center energy (welcomia/

How to cut data center energy use

Increasing density of infrastructure and system components will help agencies offset growth and reduce total energy usage.

innovation partners (ShutterStock image)

Can we afford not to innovate?

To get the best value for taxpayer dollars, government should look to the innovation that is taking place in the private sector, particularly regarding open source software development.

Artist concept, interior, of the NASA Modular Supercomputing Facility at Ames (NASA/Marco Librero)

Modular supercomputers: Smaller environmental footprint, greater flexibility

NASA’s new Modular Supercomputing Facility will save money, conserve water and give the space agency scalable high-performance computing.

San Francisco

Hyperconverged solution streamlines transit IT

San Francisco’s transit agency is using Nutanix’s enterprise cloud solution to improve service delivery and reduce its data center footprint.

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