City boosts data center security with virtualized network platform

City boosts data center security with virtualized network platform

Avondale, Ariz., turned to VMware’s NSX 6.1 to help secure traffic moving between virtual machines.

Pentagon leverages converged solution for private cloud migration

The consolidation will replace 60 racks of legacy equipment with 10 racks of Nutanix’s hardware/software appliances.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

How standards helped Oak Ridge tame its data center

Data centers must standardize their systems and have accurate documentation to maximize efficiencies.

4 steps toward network modernization

4 steps to smart network modernization

Agencies get a faster, more efficient network, while federal IT professionals get more time, fewer headaches and assurance that their network is secure, up to standards and operating 24/7.

Concierge service for big data transfers

Argonne National Labs’ Globus offers cloud-based service that manages bandwidth and improves reliability in transferring very large datasets.

SSA fortifies data future with move to all virtual storage

SSA fortifies data future with move to all virtual storage

SSA is embracing virtualization across all of its media – including tape – as it migrates to a new 300,000 square-foot National Support Center in Urbana, Md., which opened last September.

MGHPCG data center balances storage and networking of five-university joint venture

Data center balances storage and networking of five universities

The Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center has adopted a cloud-based approach for the petabytes of data it stores in a two-year-old facility in Holyoke, Mass.

Balance tape and flash in layered storage mix

Balance tape and flash in layered storage mix

Tried-and-true tape combined with emerging flash technologies give data center operators control over how they manage storage systems, speed backups and reduce costs.

IT modernization strategy:  reuse rather than replace

IT modernization strategy: Reuse rather than replace

Agencies can modernize by reusing, not replacing, core business assets, allowing for smart use of existing funds and faster time to market for new functionality and services.

Vapor IO unpacks data center design for the network edge

Vapor IO unpacks data center design for the network edge

Vapor IO introduced a modular data center design that features smaller, rounded data cylinders that can be rapidly configured for operations in metropolitan markets or where compute demand shifts rapidly.

IT automation saves money

3 paths to efficiency via IT automation

Automation improves operating efficiency and reduces costs, while meeting escalating demands on the IT department and the government agency as a whole.

Utah government sees 10,000-fold increase in cyberattacks

A surge in cyberattacks is being attributed to the presence of the National Security Agency’s $1 billion data center.

Topic Resources

  • Understanding Data Center Modernization Options

    As government agencies modernize data centers, there are many options for complying with mandates, streamlining operations, and reducing costs. Cutting-edge technologies, such as Flash, paired with cloud operations, adds speed and efficiency. Modernizing data center management also can accelerate workload processing, optimize data analytics, and increase security.

  • With Help From GSA, Agencies Get IT Fit

    The universe of IT tools developed to help government agencies achieve their missions is rapidly expanding. So, too, the means for acquiring them. GSA has moved to streamline acquisition of IT tools and services that combat cyberhackers, migrate operations to the cloud and use professional-services providers, to name a few.

  • Enabling the Data-Driven Economy in the Cognitive Era

    Government leaders have to consider and weigh many variables as they undertake the mission to improve the lives of citizens. They are continually challenged to improve program outcomes, optimize service delivery, and strengthen security, safety and resilience. They face these challenges knowing they have to build capabilities to identify hidden patterns, apply insight with speed and build knowledge that will better enable them to enhance and protect the economic vitality of the citizens and communities they serve.

  • Mission Possible! Your cognitive future in Government

    Welcome to the age of cognitive computing, where intelligent machines simulate human brain capabilities to help solve society’s most vexing problems. Early adopters in government and other industries are already realizing significant value from this innovative technology, and its potential to transform government is enormous. Currently, cognitive systems are helping government organizations navigate complexity in operational environments and foster improved engagement with constituents. Our research indicates that government leaders are poised to embrace this groundbreaking technology and invest in cognitive capabilities to improve outcomes for government organizations across mission areas.

  • Compliance is Made Easier with Certain Steps

    State and local agencies have to prioritize which regulations are most applicable and find efficient ways to ensure compliance—a task made more challenging by insufficient human and financial resources.

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