Data Management

Making an impact with IT

If the projects honored with the year's GCN Awards have anything in common, it is the increasing degree to which information systems are connecting more seamlessly to other systems in new and sometimes innovative ways.

DHS Web sites vulnerable to hackers, IG says

The DHS inspector general has found vulnerabilities related to uneven security patch management in the department's nine most popular Web sites.

IRS wins some, loses a few in fight against identity theft and data loss

The IRS recorded more than 51,000 cases of taxpayer identity theft in 2008 and paid out $15 million in fraudulent refunds, and a GAO report finds that internal information security weaknesses constitute some of the most significant challenges faced by the agency.

Project at a glance: National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program

Preserving millions of physical items in LOC collections and the terabytes of new data being produced so that they will be accessible in a digital future.

New U.S.-ICANN pact takes step foward to Internet emancipation

The new agreement under which ICANN will run the Internet’s domain name and addressing system is part of an evolution away from U.S. stewardship of the global network, increasing the role of other nations but not eliminating the United States' “special role” in Internet governance.

Social media and government

For the first time, online traffic to government Web sites in the United Kingdom from social-networking sites and forums has surpassed the amount of traffic the government sites received from news and media sites.

Google finds way to bypass Internet Explorer browser

Google introduced a coding plug-in for Web site developers that instructs Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers to use Google Chrome technologies.

GSA doesn't expect overnight success with apps store

Following the lead of Amazon, the General Services Administration has gotten into the online sales business, launching a storefront operation called that resells online information technology services.

Congressman uses social media to collect health care reform feedback

Republican Rep. John Culberson of Texas is using technology from SharedBook to invite his constituents to participate in, comment on and debate a pending health care bill in the House of Representatives.

Warren Suss

5 lessons from DOD's cloud computing efforts

The Defense Department has taken the federal lead in deployed cloud computing solutions. Let’s look at four examples of DOD’s cloud efforts and five lessons other agencies can learn from the department’s experience.

FCC chairman proposes rules to codify principles of 'Net neutrality'

In a speech Monday at the Brooking Institution, Julius Genachowski said he wants to adopt formal rules to ensure that Internet carriers do not unduly interfere with traffic on their networks.

Government has an opportunity -- and the obligation -- to ensure that IPv6 products work securely

The current status of IPv6 networking in no way ensures security, but agencies can begin working with vendors now to ensure that better security is built in by the time the new protocols are in general use.

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