Data Management

Apps for America 2 finalists announced

Finalists in the competition have developed applications that show how government datasets can be mixed and formatted in such a way that make them more easily accessible and understandable.

Visualization tools support Army's criminal investigations

SRA analysts use visualization software to support the Army Criminal Investigation Command's cases against bribery, money laundering and conspiracy.

When visualizing data, beware of gratuitous rendering

When putting data into a graphical format, it's important to match form with the content.

Navy creates a virtual world to test submarine design

By being immersed in a Second Life-like virtual replica of a submarine's control hub, commanders will have a better idea of the proposed changes to the hub and be able to offer more constructive feedback.

Visualization tools improve transparency by making sense of raw data

Efforts toward greater transparency, such as the reporting requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, have spurred many agencies to look at visualization techniques they can use to show how money is being spent. A new crop of visualization tools can make the job easier.

FDA plans electronic filing for some safety reports

Proposed rules announced today would require that all mandatory post market reporting of adverse effects for drugs and medical devices be filed electronically, either through a gateway, a Web portal under development, or on disk or tape.

NIST releases guidelines for interoperable ID management credentials

NIST explains the use of new international standard enabling client applications to access identity credentials from different issuers, including the federal PIV card, and releases a proof-of-concept tool for using PIV with some common applications.

Microsoft working to eliminate Internet anonymity

Microsoft researchers have unveiled an anti-hacking concept that can help track hackers or malicious content to origin servers.

Army adds Fidelis data protection solution to approved products list

Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System protects operations security and classified data from within the organization as well as from external attacks.

DHS plans wiki for agencies, cybersecurity centers to coordinate efforts

The Homeland Security Department plans a new wiki that federal cybersecurity centers would use to coordinate efforts and improve situational awareness.

Digital pen speeds tasks for Nashua, NH

New Hampshire city uses Capturx pen for data collection, GIS tasks.

Russian military, organized crime in on cyberattacks against Georgia

The August 2008 denial-of-service attacks against Georgian Web sites was conducted by Russian civilians and coordinated with the Russian military invasion and organized crime, according to the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit.

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