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Navy's network security roadmap explained during Virtual FOSE

Navy Department Chief Information Officer Robert Carey will be the keynote speaker at tomorrow’s Virtual FOSE conference. brings net-centric speed to software development

The idea behind is to provide an online meeting place for military agencies to build software in a collaborative fashion. By offering this environment as a network-based service, DISA eliminates the need for the developers to set up their own environments.

FDsys makes America's documents immediate and permanent

The Federal Digital System—a Web site of sweeping scope—offers the public access to documents from all three branches of government through a single portal.

State puts social networking to diplomatic use

Among the public services that State uses are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for video and Flickr for photos.

Transit 511 combines public transportation systems in the Bay Area

The California Metropolitan Transportation Commission's site combines the schedules of dozens of subway, light-rail, trolley and bus systems, a heroic act of interagency coordination. sets tone for transparent government

To the casual viewer, the Office of Management and Budget's might not be the most exciting virtual destination. The site's modesty however, belies a fundamental shift in how government interacts with the Web.

User satisfaction with government Web sites levels off

Users of government Web sites report no greater satisfaction with these sites than they did four months ago, according to a recent survey.

Great dot-gov Web Sites 2009

These 10 government agencies show what Web sites are capable of, pushing the boundaries of federated search, user-friendly services, transparent government and social networking.

Energy secretary reaches out on Facebook

Steven Chu is spreading the word about Obama administration energy policy via the social networking Web site.

First round of test specs for formal IPv6 compliance being readied

The first specifications for the Government IPv6 test program being developed by NIST got a workout by test labs and vendors earlier this month.

Public Interest Registry begins moving DNSSEC into live domains

The Public Interest Registry, which operates the .org top level domain, digitally signed the zone in June and has since signed 18 live domains that are testing the DNS Security Extensions in a controlled environment.

Web 2.0 increases demand for data visualization tools

Data visualization tools offer new and more effective ways to represent and present complex data patterns graphically.

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