Data Management

The bottom line on solid state drives

SSDs have advantages if you need quick access to data, and eventually, as their prices fall, they could become more common for PCs.

Solid-state drives find novel niches at some enterprises

Solid-state drives eventually will change the IT and physical architectures of most storage systems.

CMS zips up sensitive data for security in transit

The health records of millions of Americans are a valuable public resource, but securing the data across multiple platforms used by dozens of partners required a tool that is powerful and simple to use.

International politics slows full deployment of DNSSEC

Full deployment of DNS Security Extensions is moving at a glacial pace in part because other countries are concerned about the United States controlling the Internet.

Sharing data with many partners requires a common encryption platform

CMS wanted a single encryption tool that all its partners could use rather than dealing with multiple products.

Open government could pave way for data leaks

The Obama administration's Open Government Initiative to make government information more accessible could lead to the inadvertent exposure of sensitive data.

New DOD cyber command will focus on the dot-mil domain

Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn III stressed the need for cooperation between the Pentagon’s new cyber command and the organizations with primary responsibility for the .gov and private-sector domains.

White House blog highlights public response to open government

White House officials, in a series of blog postings this week, provided a glimpse of how the public suggests the federal government could make government data more accessible — and be more transparent.

Latest version of Digital Signature Standard expands key sizes, adds security

The Commerce Department has given final approval to FIPS 186-3, which strengthens requirements for the cryptographic algorithms used for digital signatures.

U.S. defense technologies put at risk by bureaucratic turf wars: GAO

Weapons and other defense-related technologies are in danger of falling into the wrong hands, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office.

ICANN, VeriSign, agencies collaborate on securing the Internet's root DNS

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, VeriSign, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and NIST will engage in a joint effort to secure the Internet’s root domain name system.

GAO: IRS halts development of Customer Account Data Engine

According to the Government Accountability Office, the IRS has suspended development of an automated account management program because of increasing complexity, despite an increase in the number of tax returns filed electronically.

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