Data Management

DHS urges agency coordination for swine flu data

Although agencies may be eager to post the information they may have about the swine flu outbreak on their Web sites, they should follow a few simple rules so that government information can be conveyed as clearly as possible to the public.

NTIA seeks comments on the future of ICANN and Internet management

As the most recent operating agreement with ICANN comes to an end, the Commerce Department’s NTIA is assessing the progress in privatizing management of the Internet’s domain name and address system and the future direction of the effort.

Sunlight Foundation reveals winners in its Apps for America contest

The Sunlight Foundation has announced the winners of a recent contest for mashup-styled applications that reuse legislative data in ways that can better inform the public.

OGC revamping Web services standard

The Open Geospatial Consortium is studying changes in the OpenGIS Web Services Common Standard, which specifies parameters and data structures used in Web operation requests and responses.

Administrators: Security technology often works together better than people using it

Interoperability of IT security products is necessary to secure networks, but a panel of government administrators concluded that it is people, not products, that often are the greatest barrier to sharing data.

Now playing: NIST on YouTube

NIST has created a channel on the video social networking site to increase the amount of information available to the public about its programs.

NSA director: Securing U.S. cyber infrastructure is a team effort

Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander told an audience at the RSA Conference that his agency has no designs on controlling the Internet.

Managing passwords is still a challenge for the enterprise

Despite the growth in the use of digital certificates, passwords remain the most common credential for access control, and administrators need all the help they can get to manage them.

Twitter takes wing

Despite its simple interface, Twitter can be a powerful tool for collaboration and communication.

European center tracks Web site hits after earthquakes

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre has come up with a quick and dirty method for determining the impact of earthquakes — by tracking the geographic locations of visitors to its Web site.

Air Force base prepares for IPv6 trials

Although the work is being done on a production network — the first use of IPv6 within a production Air Force network — traffic will be strictly for testing.

Steve Ressler | GovLoop taps Web 2.0 tools

Steve Ressler talks about what's behind GovLoop, a social-networking site for government employees of all stripes.

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