Data Management

For data sharing, message flows are more important than platforms

Message flows are the linchpin to distributed, real-time information sharing systems, such as the National Information Exchange Model or the Environmental Protection Agency’s Central Data Exchange.

Government implements DNSSEC on the .gov domain

Successful signing of the top level clears the way for agencies to sign second-level domains by end of the year.

Virginia releases the first open-source textbook for public review

Physics FlexBook is an experiment in open-source, Web-based textbook development and publishing that could help keep educational resources up-to-date.

Guidelines for securing DNS being updated

NIST is updating its recommendations for meeting the security challenges of the Domain Name System, which underpins the Internet by mapping user-friendly domain names to numerical IP addresses.

Graves is DHS' new acting CIO

Margaret Graves takes over as acting chief information officer today on Richard Mangogna's last day as CIO.

U.K. endorses OpenDocument Format

The United Kingdom is the latest government to express support of the OpenDocument Format standard, which competes with Microsoft's Extensible Markup Language-based format.

Guidelines released for secure use of digital signatures, hashing

Two new publications from NIST provide guidance for randomizing message input for digital signatures and for using hash algorithms

Information sharing and privacy aren't mutually exclusive

A demonstration of privacy-preserving data mining techniques using off-the-shelf technology aims to show that we do not have to choose between personal privacy and national security.

ConverterTechnology updates Office 2007 migration tool

The latest version of OfficeConverter 2007 addresses compatibility issues associated with Visual Basic for Applications and Excel customizations.

A DRM for a new era

Semantic-based machine processing of data has improved to such an extent that agencies might benefit from an update of the federal data reference model, experts say.

NOAA launches online library of marine sanctuaries

The National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library database is fully searchable by keyword, category and location.

Guest columnist Patrick Pizzella

Patrick Pizzella | E-government vision realized

Since its inception in 2002, has streamlined the benefits process, saving time for millions of people while connecting them with available benefits.

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