Data Management

What would a Stuxnet-type attack in US look like?

Experts say the country's decentralized infrastructure might be less vulnerable than Iran's, but it could also make response more difficult.

DISA to boost video and data content delivery to troops

DISA is launching efforts to improve content delivery services and provide additional storage capacity to military users.

The devil is in the data grooming

Getting data cleaned up and in and out of the cloud must be driven by a defined process and deliverable schedule.

Have you delved into your data lately?

Instead of just reporting on public-sector data, shops should be exploring it. This is particularly true in government, where very large data sets can benefit from cutting-edge visual data exploration technologies.

Spoiler alert: Spy techniques dissect GOP presidential nominees

The facial analysis technology that helps the CIA and TSA identify threats helps political analysts predict presidential campaigns.

Are 1,000 federal websites really a waste?

The administration's plans to shut down wasteful federal websites has already claimed the Fiddling Foresters, but are there 999 more like it?

IP traffic to explode, and most of it will be wireless, study says

Global IP traffic will approach the zettabyte range by 2015, and wireless systems will carry a majority of the load, according to a Cisco report.

Intell office developing analysis tool to help find needle in a haystack

The intelligence community has a few data-mining and data analysis systems in place that make life easier for analysts who must wade through vast amounts of data to identify threats.

FBI posted a perfect record on snooping requests in 2010

The court that reviews the FBI’s requests for secret electronic surveillance of U.S. residents granted 100 percent of them in 2010, raising concerns that it’s merely rubber-stamping the requests.

DI2E framework seeks to unite wealth of intelligence data

The Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise represents a formal system of exploitation, analysis, production and dissemination of intelligence across the Defense Department and intelligence agencies.

CIA changes the info-sharing game

The CIA now makes all sorts of data available to more than 100,000 authorized users through its Worldwide Intelligence Review.

Transportation gets in gear for data-sharing portal

Transportation wants to build a virtual portal so agencies can share data for regional transportation decision-making, according to a new RFI.

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