Data Management

Treasury builds its new website in the cloud brings the agency to the cloud and integrates many new features of Gov. 2.0 and is a step forward in using new technologies to improve efficiency and transparency.

NOAA rescues Civil War-era coastal charts, now available online

Rescue project makes historical collection of U.S. coastal charts available online in searchable NOAA database.

You want the data? You can't handle the data!

Executives in government and industry are being overwhelmed by a sea of data, according to a survey conducted in August by Kelton Research and announced this week.

Geospatial data management refined

The OMB has issued supplemental guidance to improve the management of geospatial data

GSA employee's error exposes entire staff to potential identity theft

A GSA employee's error has exposed the Social Security numbers of everyone in the agency.

New cyber role, budgetary measures headed to ODNI

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says he is creating new top-level jobs for cybersecurity and U.S. intelligence, and plans to move $50 billion from the Defense Department budget into his office.

Feds waste $15.4B annually looking for database info

A MeriTalk survey of 300 federal employees, sponsored by DLT Solutions and Google, found they spend more than a month each year on inefficient searches of internal databases.

CIA to soar into five critical cloud computing investments

CIA Chief Technology Officer Ira “Gus” Hunt revealed the agency's plan to shore up its cloud computing efforts at the Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Green IT conference Oct. 27.

Intell fusion centers need to set performance goals, GAO says

The intelligence fusion centers created for sharing intelligence information need to be evaluated on their performance, the GAO says.

USDA plans security tech upgrade

The Agriculture Department is updating its security tools with the aid of industry partners.

FBI finds technology for information security

The FBI is starting an effort to enahnce privacy and security safeguards for its networks.

National Archives puts 3,000 historic documents online

The National Archives and Records Administration debuts an online repository of historic documents, such as George Washington's handwritten draft of the U.S. Constitution.

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