Data Management

Spymasters in search of forecasting software to enhance intell analysis

The research organization for intelligence agencies wants organizations to propose research to develop methods that provide more accurate, precise and timely intelligence forecasts.

Customs directorate automates its acquisition cycle

The Customs and Border Protection Procurement Directorate has developed a Web-based knowledge management system that automates the acquisition cycle and expands the exchange of information among its geographically dispersed workforce.

Dell doubles down on data centers, services

Dell plans to double the size of its $16 billion data center and technology services business and move away from being a PC supplier.

Officers to get guidelines for open-source intell

Officials are drawing up guidance and certifications for people in the country's intelligence agencies who develop open-source intelligence.

Global Graphics software fuses documents

Global Graphics’ gDoc Fusion 2.5 lets users combine spreadsheets, text, images and PDFs into a single document.

Scott Schumacher

Connecting the dots isn't what it used to be

Increasing amounts of digital information has increased the need for accurate intelligence analysis, writes Scott Schumacher, who takes a mathematician's approach to explaining why.

The catalyst for open government: Knowledge management in the cloud

Speakers at the Knowledge Management Conference say cloud-based communities will cross interantional borders, requiring an international approach to governance, standards and intellectual property rights.

6 steps to better knowledge management

How can you make knowledge management work? Start by knowing what you're looking for and develop the tools and and data mining techniques that get your information in order.

How knowledge management became sexy again

Professional and social media platforms, along with advances in collaboration and enterprise search tools, are making it easier to aggregate and share information, which is essentially what knowledge management is.

Martha Johnson's statement on GSA's FY 2011 budget request

GSA is dedicated to stimulating the economy through job creation, reducing the Federal government’s carbon footprint and increasing energy security, and ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and transparently.

Can agency systems handle new FISMA requirements?

New standards for reporting under the Federal Information Security Management Act are intended to further reduce paper, but not all agencies are well equipped to meet them.

Justice Department plans to expand cops' access to data

The Justice Department plans a nationwide federated identity management program for law enforcement data systems.

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