Data Management

What Microsoft, Adobe and other tech leaders want from government CTOs

Technologists also discuss role in security, spurring innovation and how the industry can help lead the U.S. economy out of the recession.

In wake of TSA breach, a refresher on redacting PDFs

The exposure of the Transportation Security Administration's operations manual will likely prompt agnecies to review the National Security Agency's guidance on how to safely redact information from documents posted to the Web.

Social networking — and its risks — are exploding in enterprise networks

The challenge of the explosive growth of social networking apps is that many can expose an organization's network to new forms of risks, according to a new report.

State's games aim to teach Middle Eastern youth about U.S. culture

The State Department is experimenting with role-playing games for mobile devices to pursue its public diplomacy agenda.

FCC releases proposed rules on network neutrality

In an effort to balance the needs of Internet carriers and content providers, FCC proposes rules that would limit the ability of carriers to interfere with network traffic for business purposes, while not interfering with legitimate network management or emergency communications.

CAIMR takes on the many facets of identity management

The Center for Applied Identity Management Research, an organization of industry, academic and government representatives, is building a road map for improving how we determine just who we are and who we are dealing with when online.

Social Security acts now to avoid future data overload

Although the Social Security Administration's IT infrastructure is providing reliable service to state and federal agencies, internal pressures and continued growth in demand for data make planning for the future imperative, GAO says.

Pentagon certifies Alfresco records management app

The Defense Interoperability Test Command has certified a records management module from Alfresco that runs in the background of each user's computer, rather than running as a separate application.

Initial test specs for government IPv6 compliance released for public comment

The first specifications for the Government IPv6 test program are being released by NIST for a 30-day comment period.

A few tips on keeping short URLs from spelling big trouble

Although Twitter, texting and instant messaging make shortened URLs convenient, when you are clicking on a link, what you can’t see can hurt you.

Is phishing on the decline, or just moving to a new phishing hole?

A cyber intelligence and security company claims that vendors have underreported phishing attacks in recent reports by focusing only on traditional delivery vehicles.

Making an impact with IT

If the projects honored with the year's GCN Awards have anything in common, it is the increasing degree to which information systems are connecting more seamlessly to other systems in new and sometimes innovative ways.

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