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Army using tech to shift medical focus from treatment to prevention

Army tech shifts medical focus from treatment to prevention

Army Wellness Centers use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a central database of medical information to help improve the readiness of soldiers. trust framework extends military ID authentication trust framework extends military ID authentication

Using Troop ID from, more than 200,000 military clients are using a single sign-on technique to verify their military affiliation at a number of the company's retail partners.

Army building marketplace for tactical hardware

Army building marketplace for tactical IT hardware

The Army's hardware marketplace will give soldiers a 'plug-and-play' experience, whether they are accessing information on secure handheld devices, vehicle mounted systems or command post screens.

DARPA to test neuroprosthetic devices that help restore memory loss

DARPA to test devices that help restore memory

DARPA researchers aim to develop 'neuroprosthetics,' implantable wireless interfaces to help restore memory to victims of traumatic brain injury.

Army tests driverless vehicles in 'living lab'

Federal installations and universities are test beds for implementing autonomous vehicles in public environments.

network schematic of APL vGrid

Virtualization breaks a high-performance computing barrier

A Defense Department research team introduces virtualization into the world of scientific simulations, leading to efficiency and cost savings in high-performance computing.

Air Force Shared Computing Environment

In shared environment, USAF builds secure, stable IT flight deck

The IT systems for the Air Force National Capital Region are moving to a virtualized shared computing environment that has produced cost savings up front and promises improved performance in the coming years.

Screenshot of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

RFI Generator manages emergency geospatial info requests

The open source tool helps the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency quickly answer information requests from first responders and geospatial analysts.

Army Network Integration Evaluation at Fort Bliss Texas

Army tests commercial networking tech for the battlefield

4G LTE infrastructure is part of a new collection of advanced commercial technologies, including first responder capabilities and Wi-Fi for command posts tested at this spring's Network Integration Evaluation.

A convoy of driverless U.S. Army trucks uses Lockheed Martin AMAS technology to move along a South Carolina roadway at 40 mph.

Unmanned convoy passes second driving demo

The Army’s Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System successfully completed the latest round of tests validating the concept of driverless military-truck convoys.

LiDAR satellites

New tech drives DOD's geospatial spending

An industry analysis firm sees growth driven by advanced geospatial products and a strong demand for 3D geospatial technology.

Firefighters with computer-aided dispatch software in background

Intergraph I/CAD update puts agencies on path to next-gen 911

The latest version of Intergraph's computer-aided dispatch software, I/CAD 9.3, integrates voice, text and data.

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