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Navy starts migration from BlackBerry to Apple and Android

Navy starts migration from BlackBerry to Apple and Android

Users on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet may now begin transitioning from BlackBerry devices to Apple smartphones and tablets, with migration to Android devices expected for later this year.

Army Training Network now accessible without a CAC card

Army Training Network goes mobile -- no CAC required

Soldiers can now access the Army Training Network using smart phones and computer tablets -- with just a username and password.


No network, no problem: NGA’s app provides mapping without a connection

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s Disconnected Interactive Content Explorer app gives users interactive maps even when offline -- and the code has been open-sourced for use by other agencies.

 Is ‘sentient data’ the future of battlefield comm?

Is ‘sentient data’ the future of battlefield comm?

Implanted sensor systems could transmit information among soldiers and systems both.

brain computer interface helps humans identify ocean mines

The cyborg approach to spotting mines at sea

Researchers tested a new system that combines computer algorithms with a brain-computer interface to help humans more quickly identify underwater mines.

Mollie Pearson

What it takes to build DOD networks at scale

As the military consolidates its footprint in South Korea, Col. Mollie Pearson is putting the communications in place.

army seeks support for XP devices

Army seeks alternative for Windows XP support

According to a recent RFI, the Army will be ending its support contract with Microsoft but wants to ensure it can still avoid security vulnerabilities on its 8,000 Microsoft Windows XP devices.

With DISA project, big data plans get bigger

With DISA project, big data plans get bigger

DISA’s big data solution plan promises warfighters ‘unparalleled visibility’ into the DOD Information Network.

AKO shutdown

The end of the road for AKO

The Army's legacy email system closed its last accounts on March 31.

Resistance to DCGS-A persists

Resistance to DCGS-A persists

Critics are increasingly vocal with their dissatisfaction with the Army’s Distributed Common Ground System and the military’s insistence that soldiers continue to use it.

Army streamlines network initialization

Army streamlines network initialization

The Army has developed tools to make network updates and initialization of workstations faster and more efficient.

DARPA to pursue new privacy tools

DARPA to pursue 'revolutionary' privacy tools

DARPA’s Brandeis project aims to develop tools with “revolutionary” impact that could help bridge privacy gaps that hamper collaboration and technology development.

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