Defense IT

Joint Enterprise Network Manager (JENM) equipment

Army-Navy collaboration hints at next-gen joint force communications

The Army’s Joint Enterprise Network Manager is supporting radios on the Navy’s next-gen satellite communications system.

ARL finds untapped brain power with EEGs

Army finds untapped brain power with EEGs

Researchers at the Army Research Lab are developing methods for using EEGs to improve soldiers’ performance.

Fort Campbell

Fort Campbell goes lean and green with passive optical LAN

A passive optical LAN recently installed at Fort Campbell by Tellabs boosted savings, energy efficiency and security.

Firstnet DISA procurement spectrum management

Mutually assured instruction: FirstNet, DISA team on contracts, spectrum management

When the Defense Information Systems Agency used its experience with complex IT contracts to help FirstNet with its initial contract, it got lessons in spectrum management in return.

human machine collaboration in F-35 training simulator

Man-machine combo key to future Defense innovation

Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work said future automation will increasingly include human-machine collaboration.

Paving the way for flexible electronics

Paving the way for flexible electronics

At the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute, researchers are developing technologies to could transform everything from sensors to energy storage.

bug bounty

Should the Army adopt a bug bounty program?

Writing in a recent journal, two Army captains advocate adoption of a bug bounty program to motivate the discovery of military network vulnerabilities.

GovRAT: Malware for today

GovRAT: Digitally signed malware

Attacks are growing more sophisticated, and stolen digital certificates are now part of the malware package.

TRADOC app store

Army launches app store

The Army’s Training and Doctrine Command has launched a mobile app store for soldiers to access information on the go.

Army gets a GRRIP on remote communications

Army gets a GRRIP on remote communications

During the recent Network Integration Evaluation exercise, the Army tested its Global Rapid Response Information Package.

cyber situational awareness

Army seeks new tools to pierce the data fog of war

Cyber Innovation Challenge seeks a way to visualize the risks associated with the networks and assets supporting a given mission.

JLENS unmoored

Fighter jets chase runaway NORAD blimp

A blimp associated with the Pentagon’s highly criticized JLENS system has broken free, prompting fighter jets to scramble and track it.

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