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GPS became fully operational July 17, 1995

Happy 20th, GPS

The global positioning system that makes modern navigation possible became fully operational July 17, 1995.

Virtual test bed for squadX

DARPA developing test bed for squad-level tech

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has contracted for a virtual test bed for its Squad X Core Technologies program.

Hootenanny crowdsources geospatial data analysis

Hootenanny crowdsources geospatial data analysis

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency released an open source software toolkit for crowdsourcing geospatial analytics.


Army moves closer to hoverbike

A feasibility study indicated a successful performance of the Army Research Lab’s tactical reconnaissance vehicle, which will now move toward the prototype phase.

Army building VICTORY into vehicle interoperability

VICTORY drives Army vehicle interoperability

The Army plans to further incorporate the standard for Vehicular Integration for C4ISR Interoperability into its emerging and legacy fleet platforms.

agencies test multimedia gateway for interoperable communications

Agencies test Multimedia Gateway for interoperable comm

The Multimedia Gateway is being tested as a quick fix for communications across government and first responder networks.

Army develops new interface for intell image analysis

DARPA develops new interface for image analysis

Developed by a researcher at the Army Research Lab, the new user interface will help intelligence analysts more quickly search, filter and detect patterns in visual media.

Army upgrading cryptograhic equipment

Army makes headway on cryptographic equipment upgrades

The Army is continuing with updates to its cryptographic devices as part of the Army-Wide Cryptographic Network Standardization.

disa mobile users get classified access

DISA debuts new classified mobile access and devices

Now operational, the Defense Mobile Classified Capability – Secret provides better performance, a mobile device management system and a new secure mobile device.

Maybe not everything should be on DODIN

Maybe not everything should be on DODIN

Two Defense offices are researching an off-DOD Information Network solution to host, deploy and manage unclassified information.

DOD takes on personnel modernization

DOD takes on personnel modernization

The Defense Department is finally ready to move to a data-driven system for personnel management.

DOD seeks to scrub PII from 16 years

DOD seeks to scrub PII from 16 years' worth of video

The Defense Media Activity is looking for help in removing personal identifiable information from video content created between 1995 and 2011.

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