Defense IT

A convoy of driverless U.S. Army trucks uses Lockheed Martin AMAS technology to move along a South Carolina roadway at 40 mph.

Unmanned convoy passes second driving demo

The Army’s Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System successfully completed the latest round of tests validating the concept of driverless military-truck convoys.

LiDAR satellites

New tech drives DOD's geospatial spending

An industry analysis firm sees growth driven by advanced geospatial products and a strong demand for 3D geospatial technology.

Firefighters with computer-aided dispatch software in background

Intergraph I/CAD update puts agencies on path to next-gen 911

The latest version of Intergraph's computer-aided dispatch software, I/CAD 9.3, integrates voice, text and data.

Soldiers on patrol at dusk

Navigation by vibration: Army lab tests haptic tech

The haptic belt uses tactile feedback to help soldiers navigate in the field and automatically collect data, such as time to each waypoint and accuracy to each waypoint.

Navy Project Architeuthis crypto puzzle

Navy puzzle challenge blends social media, cryptology

The puzzle, consisting of daily clues posted on Facebook, targeted the cryptology community in an attempt to raise awareness of the Information Dominance Corps.

Nusura SimulationDeck

Air Force seeks media-simulating training tool

Peterson Air Force Base is looking for sources to provide a tool to simulate the flow of email, social media, blogs and other communications under crisis conditions.

Man testing ULTRA Vis heads up display at DARPA Demo Day

DARPA shows 100+ projects at Demo Day

The all-day event showcased the wide array of DARPA projects addressing national security challenges posed by the information revolution and the availability of sophisticated information technologies.

Navy Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Navy must deal with rising tide of sensor data

A recent RAND report said that a distributed cloud system could help the Navy deal with its growing amount of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data.

Ice Camp Nautilus

Navy tests satellite connection in the Arctic

During the U.S. Navy's 2014 Ice Exercise, Mobile User Objective System satellites provided nearly 150 hours of secure data connections.

Nutanix block in data center

Army saves time, space with converged infrastructure

When the Army's Program Executive Office for Aviation sought a new platform for its growing virtual desktop infrastructure pilot, it used a converged storage and server hardware solution that saved space and required less procurement effort.

Cloud for the Defense Department

Amazon cloud receives DOD security stamp of approval

DOD provisional authorization paves the way for more Defense agencies to run workloads on the Amazon cloud.

digital surveillance

System to continuously scan behavior of cleared workers

U.S. intelligence agencies are planning to thwart insider threats with a system for automated, continuous monitoring of the background and behavior of government workers with secret clearances.

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