Defense IT

A soldier inspects a mobile Warfighter Information Network – Tactical (WIN-T) network node. (Photo by Amy Walker, PEO C3T Public Affairs)

Secure communications on the front lines

PacStar and Fidelis have partnered to create a solution that secures military communications at the tactical edge.

exoskeleton (U.S. Army photo by David McNally)

Making man more machine

The Army wants an exoskeleton to improve strength, endurance and ergonomics of warfighters.

Strava heat map (Strava)

Strava map shows the tradeoffs of geo-tracking

As location-based data becomes increasingly important to smart cities, the security and privacy concerns must be addressed.

cybersecurity orchestration and automation

Addressing cyber gaps with automation and orchestration

DHS and Marine Corps officials look to automation and orchestration to patch gaps in their cybersecurity strategies.

secure environment (TippaPatt/

DISA helps mission partners manage system risk

The service product packages are designed to ease compliance with the Risk Management Framework.

conversational virtual assistant for intel analytics

Air Force seeks 'virtual wingman' for intel analysts

The conversational digital assistants would make complex analytics possible for nearly anyone, regardless of technical ability.

pointing at code (Dmitry A/

ONR seeks to speed development of cryptographic software

Galois is creating a suite of tools that will improve the development and testing of new cryptographic algorithms.

Marines using radio (Cpl. Drew Tech/USMC)

DARPA seeks tech for keeping comm in military operations

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for radio technology that can withstand the frequent signal degradation that routinely occurs in military operational environments.

keyboard and cloud (

Army site gives cloud migration teams a leg up

A new public-facing website will help the Army IT community get on the same page about requirements for cloud migration.

brain in a circuit board (Sergey Tarasov/

Machine learning: The good, the bad and the ugly

While machine learning might be the enabling technology for the future, for the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, it's old school.

Quantum computing: Probable solutions incredibly fast

AF Research Lab pushes for HPC solutions

The Air Force Research Laboratory has issued a broad agency announcement to advance high-performance computing.

translate button (cybrain/

IARPA contracts for universal text translator

The intelligence community's research arm taps major research universities, NIST to create a universal text translator.

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