Defense IT

DOD officials push back on civil cyber support

DOD officials push back on civil cyber support critiques

During a recent panel discussion, Pentagon officials pushed back on criticisms that there is lack of clarity on how the Defense Department will respond to domestic cyberattacks.

milware attacks

NSA's Quade: ‘Milware’ defense requires automated security

Integrating automation into network defenses will become increasingly important as threats become more sophisticated and diverse.

Navy demos anti-mine drone

Navy demos anti-mine drone

In recent exercises Navy tested how unmanned underwater vehicles can disable mines.

lean startup for defense technologies

New Stanford course teaches Defense innovation

Hacking for Defense applies lean start-up principles to problems in the Defense and intelligence communities.

Soldier avatars drive down testing costs

Soldier avatars to drive down testing costs

The Army could soon be turning to avatars as a less expensive alternative for testing everything from military gear to medical applications.

sense and avoid technology for UAS

DARPA demos optical sense and avoid for drones

The Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System detects oncoming or crossing aircraft and determines the best avoidance strategy.

Army IT: Keep it simple

Army IT: Keep it simple

One Army commander calls for IT systems that are simple enough for nonexperts to operate in the field.

Untethering soldiers with unified capabilities

Untethering soldiers with unified capabilities

Army CIO Lt. Gen. Robert Ferrell described how the force wants to give soldiers access to communications technologies no matter their location.

Air Force Reaper UAS

Report sheds light on burgeoning defense drone market

Despite spending reductions across the Defense Department, the military is continuing to invest heavily in drones.

Army describes future enterprise network

Army describes future enterprise network

The Army’s network modernization plan for the years 2025 to 2040 calls on the service’s tech developers and customers to ensure it maintains the edge in the increasingly complex, data-saturated future.

Army seeks microcloud management solutions

Army seeks microcloud management

The Army is looking for a way to manage the microcloud architecture so that it has integrated control of military and commercial cloud assets.

Black hornet drone

Army fills in details on micro drone RFI

Following a request for information asking for Soldier Borne Sensors for individual soldiers, military leaders addressed some configuration and procurement particulars.

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