Defense IT

secure cloud fast development

IC collaboration, secure and at speed

Automated risk management and security compliance software scans the cloud environment for vulnerabilities and threats based on intelligence community standards, overlays, controls and audits.

common access cards

On the hunt for a CAC replacement

Defense officials are making headway on identity management tools that can eventually replace the Common Access Card.

xbox controller for periscope (Lockheed Martin)

Xbox controllers guide sub's periscope

The gaming hardware will be used to control photonic masts on submarines.

phishing (DesignPrax/

DARPA enlists bots to fight social engineering

DARPA wants to take the onus for detecting phishing schemes off the employee by using bots to detect and identify the sources of social engineering campaigns.

Nibbler drone assembly (Marines)

From the workbench to the sky: 3-D printed drones

Nibbler, the Marines' 3-D printed drone, can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet or radio and customized for carrying ammunition, gathering intelligence and conducting surveillance.

swat team (bibiphoto/

Military surplus transfer expands amid security concerns

The Trump administration has lifted restrictions on the transfer of military hardware to law enforcement agencies amid watchdogs' call for tighter security.

screenshot from Operation Overmatch (Army)

Army uses multiplayer game environment to crowdsource innovation

To evaluate tech advances for the battlefield, Operation Overmatch records soldiers' responses to equipment and tactics as they fight in realistic scenarios.

cloud migration (deepadesigns/

How agencies decide when moving to the cloud makes sense

Agencies moving legacy applications to the cloud must optimize for the environment, government technology leaders advise.

school of fish (Rich Carey/

DARPA wants 'living sensors' for surveillance

The military's research arm wants to replace common sensor elements with marine plants and animals that provide data about their environment through natural behaviors.

USS John S. McCain (Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class James Vazquez)

Cyber suspicions floated after latest ship collision

The Navy says there is no sign of cyber intrusion, but "all possibilities" will be investigated.

autonomous vehicle (Air Force photo)

Self-improvement for autonomous systems

DARPA wants to leverage machine learning to help self-piloting systems teach themselves to become safer.

machine learning for radio

DARPA tunes machine learning to radio signals

By applying machine learning to the radio spectrum, the research agency hopes to give the military situational awareness in the wireless domain.

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