Defense IT

task management system

Army HQ keeps work on track with collaborative task management tool

The Task Management Tool enables real-time visibility, automates the document-sharing process and eliminates the need for paper.

radio spectrum (DARPA)

DARPA pop-up testbed takes on spectrum management

A low-key competition for engineers tested techniques for sending and receiving information, like real-time intelligence data over the least crowded spectral bands.

cloud security (

NGA looks to ‘reinvent security’ with fast-churn cloud architecture

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency wants the flexibility to tear down its cloud architecture and rebuild it every day so that would-be attackers confront a confusing operating environment.

Six steps to securing additive manufacturing

Six steps to securing additive manufacturing

The Defense Department's maintenance and supply-chain challenges have made it a leader in additive manufacturing, but the next major hurdle will be ensuring that the technology is secure.

First person shooter (America

How the military is using ‘violent, chaotic, beautiful’ video games to train soldiers

Though their effectiveness as training tools is disputed, violent video games can be used for recruiting soldiers and promoting the geopolitical goals of the military.

smart military base

Making the case for smarter military bases

Military bases can benefit from technology that many American cities have already begun to test.

Jason Hessler (left) and Andy Collison (right), Automated Message Handling System support engineers, train a Marine from Marine Corps Installations East G-6 on the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure system (USMC Courtesy Photo)

Marines cut servers, improve service with hyperconverged infrastructure

To save money, energy and space, the Marine Corps Systems Command installed a hyperconverged infrastructure to virtualize its Organizational Messaging Service.

Army puts ammo management in the cloud (Army photo)

Army puts ammo management in the cloud

The Army is moving ammunition management to a cloud-based system that provides centralized, near-real-time ammunition asset visibility across the entire network architecture.

 (Photo/75th Training Command, Army Reserve Maj. Adam Collett)

Army Reserve pilots management tool for cyber talent

Working with Carnegie Mellon University, the Army Reserve has developed the Cyber Warrior Database, a master repository to track the skills soldiers acquire in their civilian jobs and match them to potential military applications.

DISA seeks to streamline systems and operation centers

DISA seeks to streamline systems and operation centers

The agency wants to make the Department of Defense Information Network more efficient by standardizing tools and improving cloud compatibility.

River cargo (Shutterstock image)

DOD tests river navigation system upgrade

The Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers are testing an enhanced waterway safety broadcast system on the Ohio River in Louisville, Ky.

National Guard cyber protection

National Guard expects expanded role in cybersecurity

As cyber threats continue to multiply, states can look to the National Guard for help.

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