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The value of the IT Dashboard, warts and all

The federal IT Dashboard might lack the capabilities of more robust applications in managing large-scale IT projects. But it does something those applications can’t by providing an increasingly comprehensive picture of where federal IT dollars are going — and, in some cases, going to waste.

A renaissance of government Web apps

Federal Web sites are finding innovative ways to serve the public that complement, if not rival, what’s taking place in the private sector.

Congress casts a skeptical eye on the cloud

Cloud computing -- and its potential effect on future government technology initiatives -- finds its way onto the congressional stage.

A cyber bill worth enacting

The long-awaited Senate cybersecurity bill, introduced by Sens. Joe Lieberman, Susan Collins and Thomas Carper, succeeds in providing a greater good in defending against cyberattacks and deserves to be enacted.

The march to the cloud reaches a turning point

The move toward cloud computing will likely be a long one for agencies. But as of May 20, there’s no doubt it is well underway.

Cybersecurity gets new attention from the Hill

New legislation that would give the cybersecurity coordinator post new authority, including budget control, comes as welcome news.

FedRAMP: The dawn of approve-once, use-often?

A new interagency approach to streamlining the security certification of shared software holds promise for government cloud computing.

Capitol Hill could be waking up to IT security

New GAO reports make clear how difficult it is making governmentwide changes in institutionalized IT practices.

Risky business: FISMA reform hinges on managing the risks

The problem with legislating new information security practices is how quickly technologies evolve and unleash new and unforeseen kinds of threats. The better alternative, most experts agree, is instituting sound risk management disciplines.

Fulfillment of the cloud's promise requires congressional action

The residence of clouds and data will become increasingly important -- and so will the aging and conflicting laws that govern data.

Budget reveals a promising new IT agenda

The 2011 budget proposal — the first the Obama administration can call its own — reinforced the administration's emphasis on gathering and communicating performance information to improve outcomes and strengthen problem-solving networks.

DISA's cloud helps DOD embrace open-source software

The burst of activity in Forge.mil suggests that government is not only learning how to embrace open-source software in applications once reserved for proprietary projects, but that open source is becoming an increasingly important resource for it, Editor Wyatt Kash explains.

Google's showdown with China underscores the need to reform cybersecurity

The ability of hackers to get past network defenses and siphon source code from one of the world's most resourceful technology players is a stark reminder -- as if we needed one -- of the need for faster and more comprehensive national cyber security reforms.

Army moves to the front in supporting mobile workers

Although military policies have hindered the adoption of many consumer technologies, you might be surprised that one of the nation’s most advanced networks for supporting mobile workers is emerging from the Army.

The path to cloud computing is beginning to take shape

Cloud computing still has a lot of uncertainties -- among them a lack of maturity among many of its potential services -- but the path toward this nest era of enterprise computing is beginning to take shape.

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