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Senate plan is a step forward for cybersecurity

The Oct. 31 announcement by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is drafting new cybersecurity legislation comes as a constructive, though somewhat overdue, gesture.

National Business Center's cloud computing effort is worth watching

What makes the National Business Center's approach to cloud computing worth watching is how naturally it extends from — and enhances — NBC’s existing business and operations model. As a result, NBC’s initiatives are likely to mature faster than the cloud computing pilot programs taking root elsewhere in government.

The revolution behind Apps.gov

Apps.gov certainly won’t earn the kind of fame Apple has gained with its app store. But within the world of government, it could prove to be just as revolutionary.

What's lacking in emergency response

Perhaps it’s time that first response and law enforcement organizations stopped buying equipment and started paying to use the equipment and services that would keep them up-to-date.

Judicial branch IT on trial

A pretrial services project in California provides a model for how to modernize federal courts — or at least some of its age-old processes — at a time when many federal courts would benefit from a technology overhaul.

The evolving reader forum

The opportunity for readers to post comments about the stories we publish makes for a worthwhile public forum about the issues surrounding a story.

Meeting the Cyber Challenge

The announcement of a new U.S. Cyber Challenge by a coalition of government and private groups last month marks the latest salvo in what many agree is an increasingly serious shortage of skilled cybersecurity experts.

Government Web sites worthy of respect

The "best government Web sites" featured in our July 27 print issue point to a new type of government-style Web that reflects both the vision of the new administration and the groundwork laid by the architects of e-government.

Cyber Command is crucial step toward protecting military network

The new dedicated military Cyber Command heralds a historic transition in the evolution of U.S. military services, and speaks to our reliance on digital networks and the severity of the threats that routinely emanate from cyberspace.

Smart technology is secure technology

Smart technology offers a way to improve the nation’s infrastructure, but it also needs to be secure. We should call it smart and secure technology.

Wyatt Kash | Cybersecurity coordinator needs to close the talent gap

Skeptics may be disappointed by the lack of authority in President Barack Obama’s new cybersecurity office. But consolidating authority would have required lots of legislation and meant plenty of delays.

Wyatt Kash | The tools to open up government

The Obama administration has put in place some important tools to create a more open and technologically savvy government. Whether those tools act as a wedge to open up government, or a hammer pounding in vain at institutional stone, remains to be seen.

Wyatt Kash | After nearly 40 years, Internet's potential to foster info networks remains high

Robert Kahn's idea for how to use the Internet to manage, rather than just move, information still hold a lot of promise.

Wyatt Kash | DISA opens its software forge

DISA's Forge.mil seeks to harness communities of developers to build and test software faster and accelerate the certification process.

Wyatt Kash | Fighting a common cyber cause

The government needs to do its part to build greater unity and support for fighting a common, and growing, cyber threat to the critical systems that keep the country running.

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