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Wyatt Kash | GSA clears some roadblocks to expanded use of Web 2.0 tools

The General Services Administration's recent agreements with social-media providers remove some key legal barriers to using Web 2.0 tools, allowing agency officials to join the experiment at last.

Old rules thwart new tools

If President Obama is intent on using new media tools to engage the citizenry, a number of regulations and procurement rules will need to be rewritten.

CAG offers triage for security

Federal CIOs and CISOs should consider adopting a new set of network security recommendations, named the Consensus Audit Guidelines.

GIS tools never looked better

New tools in Google Earth and other geospatial platforms promise to dramatically expand government’s ability to visually communicate vast amounts of data.

The rise of virtual desktops

The path to virtual desktops will be more complicated than the path to virtual servers.

The Karen Evans era

OMB's administrator for e-government and IT retired Jan. 16, bringing to a close an important era in government information technology.

IT's role in the year ahead

The difficult challenges government faces in 2009 could be opportunities for IT leaders, because of IT’s role in tackling the Obama administration agenda.

Editor's Desk | OMB's tools for transparency

Commentary: President-elect Barack Obama should take a look at programs the Bush administration started to open some government functions to public scrutiny.

Wyatt Kash

Editor's Desk | The Obama technology era

President-elect Barack Obama's commitment to leveraging technology in government opens up a lot of possibilities for innovation.

Editor's Desk | A Wiki for transition

The 1105 Government Information Group unveils Gov Transition 2009, a wiki intended to be an interactive resource for organizations interested in the pending transition to a new administration.

Wyatt Kash | Expand support for IPv6

Editor's Desk'commentary: Much work and training is required if IT staffs are to deal with an IPv6 future that has all but arrived.

Wyatt Kash | TSA: Lessons ignored

Editor's Desk'commentary: TSA needs a new path to its passenger-screening system.

Wyatt Kash | Virtualization realities

Editor's Desk'commentary: The challenge for IT managers is how to best create and manage effective virtual ecosystems in and across physical networks.

EDITOR'S DESK: When to fold 'em

You've got to credit the beleaguered Homeland Security Department for yanking the contract on its Emerge2 financial systems program.

EDITOR'S DESK: Hard target

The new year has barely begun and already agencies are feeling the pressure to meet the October deadline to roll out a new uniform identification system for federal employees and contractors.