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Facial recognition in the dark

Army researchers have developed a way to enhance images from night-vision cameras to match them with photos in existing biometric face databases or on watch lists.

federal blockchain

How blockchain can transform the public sector

Government agencies are taking their cues on blockchain from commercial industries, such as banking, education, manufacturing and retail.

wireless in the city (Vasin Lee/

Salt Lake City, NYC land wireless testbed pilot

The National Science Foundation’s Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research program named the first two cities that will serve as testbeds for new communication and networking technologies.

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Building a better chatbot

Robotic process automation can help make agencies' internal chatbots more useful.

homeless (Olga Pinegina/

Blockchain-based identity for the homeless

Austin, Texas, is exploring how distributed-ledger technology can be used to help the homeless secure their personal records and access government resources.

NIST machine for generating quantum-based random numbers (Shalm/NIST)

NIST generates quantum-based random numbers

National Institute of Standards and Technology researchers are using quantum mechanics to generate truly random numbers, potentially enhancing security and cryptographic systems.

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Blockchain, automation and learning to love your legacy systems

HHS’ Jose Arrieta makes the case that a strong data layer can serve as middleware for microservice-driven modernization.

emerging technology (Andrea Danti/

Show and tell for emerging tech

GSA's emerging technology working groups are running pilots in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotic process automation and social technologies.

bitcoin mining farm (Mark Agnor/

Tiny towns, small states bet on bitcoin even as some shun its miners

While bitcoin mining may not create many jobs, state officials and cryptocurrency advocates believe in the economic potential of the industries created through blockchain technology.

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Crypto crumpling could solve the encryption conundrum

Researchers have found a way to maximize user privacy while still giving governments "exceptional access" to encrypted data.

estonia data center

Estonia experiments with blockchain, smart services and 'data embassies'

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid discussed how the country's digital service and security efforts serve its citizens.

federal blockchain

The next link in the (block)chain

The Blockchain Playbook can help agencies move forward with development and deployment of the distributed-ledger technology for their specific use cases.

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