Los Alamos National Laboratory (NNSA)

Los Alamos deploys drone mitigation tech

The counter-UAS technology is designed to protect a no-drone zone around the lab, which conducts nuclear weapons research.

digital license plate (Reviver)

Sacramento drives digital license plate test

The plates will provide fleet management data to the city, allow drivers to renew registrations online and even flash emergency messages.

connected vehicles, infrastructure (US DOT)

Connected vehicles pilots pave the way to autonomy

A fully autonomous automotive ecosystem is still decades down the road, but experts say vehicles will be communicating with roadside infrastructure much sooner.

many drones in the sky (Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock.com)

FAA to convene two-day discussion on multiple-drone operation

An RFI from the Federal Aviation Administration seeks expert input on multiple-unmanned aircraft systems operations ahead of a mid-September event.

inside view of a drone (VTO)

NIST builds drone forensics dataset

The reference resource will help officials pull data from captured devices that ensures the evidence is preserved and usable in court.

robot thinking (Phonlamai Photo/Shutterstock.com)

Building ethics into AI

With artificial intelligence steadily making its way into government systems, now is the time to address the ethical issues, AI experts say.

traffic signal (ESB Professional/Shutterstock.com)

Connected cars can lie, posing a new threat to smart cities

Intelligent Traffic Signal Systems assume the data they receive is legitimate. That’s not a safe assumption.

drone carrying medical supplies (Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock.com)

Making drone deliveries a reality

North Carolina's pilot program will use drones to fly medical supplies between hospitals.

Blockchain (a-image/Shutterstock.com)

VA explores blockchain for contract close-outs

The VA's Strategic Acquisition Center is looking for solutions that incorporate distributed ledger technology in the contract close-out process.

virtual assistant (Ico Maker/Shutterstock.com)

4 ways AI can make the public safer

From improving emergency response time, to tracking epidemics and money laundering, artificial intelligence can play an increasingly vital role in keeping the public safe.

Shutterstock / vectorfusionart

High-tech lie detection

From mouse-movement trackers to language-analysis algorithms, lie-detection technology is taking advantage of all the Information Age has to offer.

decision support (kentoh/Shutterstock.com)

Can politics be predicted?

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity wants a program that takes the guesswork out of forecasting worldwide geopolitical issues.

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