job candidate practicing with VITA (USC/ICT)

Vets prep for careers with virtual job interviews

The Virtual Training Agent for Veterans, or VITA4VETS, helps vets prepare for job interviews by building their professional conversation skills and reducing anxiety.

virtual assistance for public transit (FWHA/YouTube)

Automation to help the disabled navigate transit

Intelligent transportation systems can make public transit more accessible to people with disabilities.

Endeavor Robotics

As military buys more robots, police ask for leftovers

Hand-me-down systems are making their way to local law enforcement, but even then funding can be a challenge.

artificial intelligence

How to get practical value from artificial intelligence

Deploying AI and machine learning “out of the box” allows agencies to quickly get benefit from the technology and avoid long procurement cycles and complex integrations.

Catalyst supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Energy Department launches new HPC initiative

The new program focuses on materials for use in severe environments, and is part of DOE's larger HPC4 Energy Innovation Initiative.

block chain on the horizon for government

GSA looks to blockchain for speeding procurement processes

GSA is exploring a proof of concept that uses the distributed ledger technology to automate its FASt Lane procurement process.

xbox controller for periscope (Lockheed Martin)

Xbox controllers guide sub's periscope

The gaming hardware will be used to control photonic masts on submarines.

flooding in Texas (National Weather Service)

FAA speeds drone approvals for Irma recovery

Drone authorizations and operations kicked into high gear in the weeks following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

InstantEye unmanned aircraft system (NASA)

CBP tests small drones for border surveillance

Customs and Border Protection will evaluate the capabilities of hand-launched systems in areas considered too high-risk for manned aircraft or ground personnel.

blockchain (Sotnikov Ivan/

DHS looks to startups for blockchain solutions

The DHS Science and Technology Directorate urges entrepreneurs to incorporate blockchain in homeland security solutions.

Nibbler drone assembly (Marines)

From the workbench to the sky: 3-D printed drones

Nibbler, the Marines' 3-D printed drone, can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet or radio and customized for carrying ammunition, gathering intelligence and conducting surveillance.

facial recognition tech that penetrates disguises (Amarjot Singh,

Facial recognition penetrates disguises

Researchers have developed a deep learning framework that can make matches to faces even when they're obscured.

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