adversarial machine learning

Machines learning evolves, and hackers stand to gain

Automated systems that teach themselves can be manipulated by adversaries.

AI-powered robot (Tatiana Shepeleva/

Looking for AI without the bias

The shortcomings of today’s artificial intelligence technologies are often the result of our own biases, a Rand report says.

facial recognition technology

Facial recognition is increasingly common, but how does it work?

As facial recognition becomes more common in immigration and law enforcement applications, we must understand the issues of accuracy, privacy and ethics this new capability raises.

The case for cloud-based artificial intelligence (vectorfusionart/

The case for cloud-based AI

GCN spoke with Meagan Metzger, the founder of the Dcode42 accelerator, about its partnership with Amazon Web Services to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to address government challenges.

drone in sunrise (Alexey Yuzhakov/

Drones ready for takeoff

Once technology and regulations are in place for beyond-visual-line-of-sight and multiple-drone piloting operations, unmanned aerial systems will really take off, experts say.

Amazon echo dot (Zapp2Photo/

GSA launches virtual assistant pilot

Government services could be just a voice command away if agencies could easily launch their own virtual assistants.

Facial recognition software analysis applied to a young patient (Paul Kruszka/NIH)

Facial recognition tech helps with disease diagnosis

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have successfully used facial recognition software to diagnose a rare, genetic disease in Africans, Asians and Latin Americans.

laser communications (NASA)

NASA preps for space-based communications via lasers

The space agency is developing laser communication technology that will make data transmission between space and earth much faster.

International Space Station (NASA)

For space docking, the computer takes the wheel

NASA’s Raven module uses sensors, machine-vision algorithms and a radiation-tolerant processing platform to automate navigation and docking.

blockchain as a service

IBM launches blockchain as a service

Based on the IBM Cloud, the new service gives enterprises a way to experiment with the distributed ledger technology.

Six steps to securing additive manufacturing

Six steps to securing additive manufacturing

The Defense Department's maintenance and supply-chain challenges have made it a leader in additive manufacturing, but the next major hurdle will be ensuring that the technology is secure.

artificial intelligence network concept (ShutterStock image)

What’s AI, and what’s not

There about as many definitions of artificial intelligence as there are researchers developing the technology.

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