GCN dig IT awards

Deadline extended for 2017 dig IT award nominations

You have until July 15 to help GCN identify the innovative tech that's transforming government at all levels.

quantum computing (agsandrew/Shutterstock.com)

Quantum bits: Research partnerships, building an ecosystem

Recent news from the quantum-computing front.

Department of Homeland Security

DHS unwraps free virtual training for active shooter incidents

The Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment is a multiplayer, scalable online platform that trains responders -- single agencies or across agencies, jurisdictions or disciplines -- for a coordinated response to active shooter incidents.

facial recognition (Zapp2Photo/Shutterstock.com)

Sheriff's office spins up cloud-based facial recognition

In Oregon, the Washington County Sheriff's Office is using Amazon Web Service's Rekognition service to match pictures of suspects with a pool of mugshots.

computer processes (fotomak/Shutterstock.com)

GSA looks to bring AI to proposal reviews

The General Services Administration is looking improve its FASlane process with machine learning and distributed ledger technologies.

Virtual Reality (NAVY)

VR environment powers Navy equipment installation, training

Virtual environments will allow more accurate documentation for ship builders and installation engineers and give sailors a way to train on new equipment before it is placed onboard.

The fixed-wing Precision Hawk Lancaster 5 being launched during the TCL2 Demonstration at Reno (NASA)

NASA tests drone traffic management

The agency wrapped up second-level testing for its cloud-based unmanned aircraft systems traffic management platform.

section of road with solar panels (The Ray)

Building a sustainable ‘highway of the future’

States are experimenting with roadways that create their own clean, renewable energy, drive-thru automated tire safety stations and sensor-embedded highways that transmit data about their condition.

futuristic car interior (chombosan/Shutterstock.com)

DOT, industry discuss ways to share driverless car data

Meetings are underway to see if programs used for aviation safety could be a model for autonomous surface transportation.

border crossing (Arthur Greenberg/Shutterstock.com)

New camera tech may speed biometric ID at land ports

If sensor-driven plenoptic cameras can see features in faces behind the tint and glare of vehicle windows, they will enable biometric inspection at land ports of entry.

facial recognition at the airport

CBP, JetBlue test facial recognition for biometric exit

Customs and Border Protection is testing a paperless and deviceless self-boarding process as part of its ongoing trials to implement a biometric exit solution.

Mine Warfare Rapid Assessment Capability system on a drone (ONR/YouTube)

Navy demos drone-based mine detection

A small quadcopter carrying with an ultra-sensitive magnetometer sensor can detect mines and dangerous metal obstacles within coastal surf zones.

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