futuristic car interior (chombosan/Shutterstock.com)

DOT, industry discuss ways to share driverless car data

Meetings are underway to see if programs used for aviation safety could be a model for autonomous surface transportation.

border crossing (Arthur Greenberg/Shutterstock.com)

New camera tech may speed biometric ID at land ports

If sensor-driven plenoptic cameras can see features in faces behind the tint and glare of vehicle windows, they will enable biometric inspection at land ports of entry.

facial recognition at the airport

CBP, JetBlue test facial recognition for biometric exit

Customs and Border Protection is testing a paperless and deviceless self-boarding process as part of its ongoing trials to implement a biometric exit solution.

Mine Warfare Rapid Assessment Capability system on a drone (ONR/YouTube)

Navy demos drone-based mine detection

A small quadcopter carrying with an ultra-sensitive magnetometer sensor can detect mines and dangerous metal obstacles within coastal surf zones.

drone over NYC (By vectorfusionart/Shutterstock.com)

White House pushes for drone deterrence authority

A draft bill would let agencies monitor drone radio communications to determine if the aircraft is a threat and then intercept, confiscate and/or destroy it.

big data images (By adike/Shutterstock.com)

Machine learning enlisted for Defense applications

DOD officials are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to get insights from big data faster.

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Don't forget your dig IT nominations

Help GCN showcase great examples of discovery and innovation in government IT.

blockchain (By a-image/Shutterstock.com)

Unlocking blockchain for government

Using blockchain technology through permissioned networks can help state governments improve the delivery of their services, a new report finds.

robotic process automation

NASA’s newest employee isn’t human

NASA's Shared Services Center is using software bots to automate common business processes.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge (Marcy Witkowski/Shutterstock.com)

FHWA looks into drones for bridge inspection

The agency is interested learning how data from drones can support bridge inspections.

An F/A-18F Super Hornet from Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 122 launches off the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Jacob G. Kaucher/Released)

DOD believes blockchain can boost 3-D printing at the front

An encrypted and distributed ledger system could help solve intellectual property concerns that complicate efforts to produce parts on the fly.

big data interfaces (Syda Productions/Shutterstock.com)

'Minority Report' moves closer to reality

Big data analytics helps officials identify criminals and terrorists, while virtual reality training improves agencies’ situational awareness and responses.

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