Enterprise Architecture

Tom Davis

Tom Davis made the connection between technology and reform

During seven terms in Congress, Davis led what became the Government Reform Committee and was widely known as the leading congressional expert on technology and procurement.

Interior developing cloud infrastructure services

Cloud computing will fundamentally change the shared services model, National Business Center director predicts.

Consortium releases comprehensive new version of HR-XML

This the third version of a set of Extensible Markup Language-based schemas for human resources tasks and is a complete rewrite and expansion of earlier versions.

DOD maps out infrastructure to support network-centric force

DOD's Global Information Grid will require an overhaul to support the department’s vision of a force in which information is a strategic component for operations.

Google readies government cloud offering

Google's government cloud offering will offer Google Apps in a dedicated environment within undisclosed Google facilities in the United States.

DHS IT consolidation remains a high-risk challenge

Lawmakers are told that, despite improvements in management of large-scale IT programs, DHS efforts to consolidate a sprawling IT infrastructure while bringing new mission capabilities online are hampered by inadequate oversight.

Identity management a complex process with a simple goal

A failure to realize the process changes involved has doomed some identity management systems, but there have also been successful deployments. And integrated identity management and access control suites are making it easier to achieve the desired result.

12 questions to ask before implementing an identity management system

An identity management system involves a lot more than the IT department. If you're going to implement a system, here are 12 things to consider.

Federal agencies prepare to make the leap from XP to Windows 7

Agencies still using XP can make the jump to Windows 7, although the upgrade path could be tricky in spots. Microsoft and other vendors have set up programs to help with the transition.

Agencies improve energy efficiency, but recession could cool efforts, survey finds

A CDW-G survey finds that government organizations are doing more to improve IT energy efficiency compared with 2008, but recessionary pressures to reduce equipment costs could reduce greater, longer-term energy savings.

OMB architect identifies 'semantic harmonization' as key to effective enterprise architecture

The Federal Enterprise Architecture is moving toward a more shared architecture that looks across boundaries, according to Kshemendra Paul, chief architect with the Office of Management and Budget.

Open Government Directive only weeks away

Agencies will need formal plans on providing machine-readable data to the public.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 released

New version features more options for virtualization, more developer tools and new modifications to speed hardware performance.

How you can get Internet Explorer 8

Three ways to get an updated version of Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer 8.

Air Force makes progress on IPv6

Eglin Air Force Base is the first enclave to test IPv6 traffic on a production network, and initial results show that the backbone is handling the new Internet protocols just fine.

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