Enterprise Architecture

Motorola's encrypted smart phone meets FIPS, NSA standards

The AME 1000 Secure Mobile Telephony System combines a hardware-based encryption and certification module with a software-based secure voice system.

Pessimism over FISMA deadline starts at the top, survey finds

A majority of federal IT officials don't expect to meet OMB's September deadline for implementing continuous security monitoring, and C-level officials are the most doubtful of all.

Phishing economy: Why tiny Tokelau is 3rd largest country domain

The .tk domain of Tokelau, a New Zealand island territory with 1,400 people and no airport or seaport, is a primary channel for phishing e-mails from China.

OMB launches 'Shared First' IT consolidation drive

In a draft proposal, federal agencies are asked to consolidate at least two agency systems under a shared services approach by December 2012.

In moving to cloud, NASCIO advises 'buyer beware'

A report by NASCIO advises states CIOs to pull legal, human capital, finance and data management expertise into their teams to grapple with policy complexities of cloud computing.

IBM's 'racetrack' could change the world of computer memory

The innovative architecture could lead to data-centric computing that allows massive amounts of data to be accessed in less than a billionth of a second.

Study finds software 'termites' -- the hidden costs of careless coding

Government organizations are not budgeting for costs to fix hidden problems that remain in applications after they are running, according to a new report on software quality.

State Dept., Coast Guard to lash health record systems together

The State Department and Coast Guard will set up an interagency disaster recovery network through which State health care providers can access records of Defense and Veterans Affairs departments' personnel under their care.

What to look for in a SOA app gateway

Forrester report, which evaluates nine SOA application gateway vendors, emphasizes attack protection and processing across multiple services.

Do you know the App Internet? It knows you.

The App Internet is an emerging trend that will allow organizations to deliver more value to citizens, customers and business partners, according to an analyst with Forrester Research.

Enterprise architects must prove their worth in reducing duplication

EA is vital to elimninating duplication, but architects need to use metrics to show the value of their programs, panel members say.

Josh Stephens is vice president of technology for IT management software company SolarWinds.

Fear the slasher: Surviving the IT budget horror show

The agency budget has become the most terrifying thing in the federal world. Here are a few steps you can take (note: don't back into a dark room) to survive the blades, teeth and tentacles of the slashers.

Mike Daconta

Systemic tensions: 3 IT project zombies that just won't die

Three recurring conflicts born of well-meaning but often diametrically opposed IT forces keep haunting IT systems development.

NIST to unveil cloud technology roadmap at forum in November

NIST will unveil the public draft of the government's Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap; give progress reports on security and open-standard initiatives.

NIST math project expands the horizons of Web publishing

Updating the best-selling "Handbook of Mathematical Functions" for the Web required creation of new tools for math-oriented authoring and searching.

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