Enterprise Architecture

Blame game heats up between Google, L.A.

Google's contract to provide the city of Los Angeles with cloud-based applications still faces completion issues after nearly two years.

With an IT overhaul, State beefed up the first line of border defense

Revamping its consular affairs systems gave the State Department the IT prowess to manage a surge of 2 million visa and passport requests a month.

How do you test for peak tax filing performance?

In testing e-File, the IRS' biggest challenge was to create a test comparable to peak tax season performance.

E-file system makes life less taxing for IRS -- and citizens

The IRS' Modernized e-File system consolidates business e-returns and individual electronic filings from tax preparation services into a single system, saving an estimated $128.1 million in processing as well as an additional $35.7 million in paper storage costs.

GSA wins race to the e-mail cloud

The General Services Administration migrated its increasingly mobile 17,000 e-mail users from an aging and outdated system to the secure, cloud-based and collaborative Google Apps for Government platform.

At DHS, a 'true-cloud' is launched

Homeland Security Department CIO Richard Spires works to make progress on four key areas of IT.

DHS, Commerce looking to battle botnets

The agencies are mulling voluntary industry standards, and looking for ideas on how best to prevent and identify networks of infected computers, and notify consumers when they've been hit.

A cloud guide even your mother-in-law could use

The "Practical Guide to Cloud Computing" aims to build standards based on users' perspectives.

NARA launches search and archiving system

The at times troubled Electronic Record Archives project reaches across databases, data types and formats.

Government still in the 'primordial slime' of using data

Agencies need to employ analytics tools to put their mountains of information to use, speakers at NASCIO's conference say.

NIST offers a how-to for must-do continuous monitoring

In an environment where all IT is mission-critical, continuous monitoring for security and risk management also is essential, NIST says in newly released guidelines.

Cloud caveat: Responsibility cannot be outsourced

Cloud computing offers the promise of greater efficiency and flexibility, but adopters must ensure that existing security requirements are being met in a new environment.

FCC's controversial Net Neutrality rules take effect Nov. 20

The rules, opposed by industry groups, seek to ensure that providers don't discriminate against competitors.

Congress' piece of the cloud: Supporting open standards, flexible acquisition

Congress can help move cloud computing forward by getting behind standards efforts, new acquisition policies and laws that promote trust, representatives from industry and government tell legislators.

How FedRAMP could boost agencies' trust in the cloud

The Federal Risk Authorization and Management Program can help manage sophisticated threats and complex networks, Ron Ross, NIST's senior scientist, says.

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