Enterprise Architecture

NIST, Europeans to collaborate on smart-grid standards

The lead agency in developing technical standards for a U.S. smart grid has agreed to work with an EU group to create a common framework.

Smart-grid dividend: security and intelligence already built in

Regulators and power companies are doing their best to ensure that new energy distribution systems are equally secure and intelligent.

How the Navy plans to run a tighter IT ship

CIO says data-center consolidation, trimming of redundant applications, wireless devices and a cloud-based architecture are on the agenda.

Bob Otto

Is a private cloud the smartest thing to do?

A private cloud might be a way for some "server huggers" to extend the status quo, but don’t let that obscure the greater value to government agencies.

Army's Global Network Enterprise closer to reality

The Global Network Enterprise, which was developed to improve compatibility within the LandWarNet architecture, is moving from concept to implementation.

DISA to roll-out platform for rapid app development

Platform-as-a-service offering will allow agencies to run apps without worrying about network infrastructure

California goes first on Smart-Meter adoption

California -- in cooperation with national efforts led by NIST -- has developed the country's first set of standards for handling sensitive information generated by new Smart Grid energy distribution technology.

Amazon unveils cloud tailored for government agencies

Amazon Web Services has unveiled a cloud infrastructure designed for government agencies and contractors that want to move more sensitive workloads into the cloud.

Dual-use phones: the legal tangles

West Virginia must work out some legal problems before people can use their personal devices at work.

Paul McCloskey

The one constant element of agency IT projects

Creating a tag cloud from the GCN Awards' winning nominations reveals the one thing that, no matter the project, is on everyone's mind.

To keep nimble, Census turns to CRM cloud

Cloud-based customer relationship management system gives Census 360-degree view of data gathered by the thousands of partners that help conduct the census.

The devil is in the data grooming

Getting data cleaned up and in and out of the cloud must be driven by a defined process and deliverable schedule.

NIST offers tips on security configuration management

NIST document offers guidance for setting up configuration management controls for securing IT systems.

Economic crisis puts pressure on FDIC computer systems

The FDIC has eliminated weaknesses in its IT systems, but a GAO review found that the press of business in resolving bank failures has interfered with achieving a complete cybersecurity plan.

30 state IT projects finalists for NASCIO awards

NASCIO has selected 30 state IT initiatives in 10 categories as finalists for its 2011 Recognition Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Information Technology in State Government.

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