Enterprise Architecture

Why CPE? Because an app by any other name would not be as secure

CPE, a part of the Security Content Automation Protocols, is being updated to help enable automated monitoring and assessment of government IT systems.

Army's move to enterprise e-mail on pace, despite struggles

The enterprise e-mail initiative has had its struggles, but is moving 1,000 accounts a night into DISA's cloud.

New BlackBerry 7 models to have 'mobile wallet' features

Research and Motion has announced an array of new products and features for its BlackBerry mobile devices, including new smart phones and enterprise management tools.

Government's best role in an ID ecosystem: consumer

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace envisions an industry-led ecosystem to securely manage identities in cyberspace; the test of its success might well be government's willingness to adopt it.

Where WiMax rules for wireless networking

A broadband super network in Houston will manage traffic signals, read water meters and provide low-cost public Internet access, at a fraction of the cost of Wi-Fi.

Microsoft will play by the rules on legacy IPv4 addresses

Microsoft, which picked up a block of slightly used IPv4 addresses from bankrupt Nortel, has agreed to transfer them according to official policy, heading off a confrontation over who controls the legacy addresses.

Lesson from Amazon's cloud crash: Plan for the worst

The days-long failure of Amazon Web Service's Elastic Cloud Compute was an acute reminder of what can go wrong in the cloud, but one federal website also demonstrated how to be ready.

Mike Daconta

Big data: You'll have it, but can you handle it?

Massive datasets created by new cloud platforms will put a heavy burden on government IT managers. Here’s what you can do about it.

EPA's 5 priorities for IT success

The EPA's CIO has set five priorities for driving IT management in a time of fiscal restraint.

Military not prepared for agencywide cloud computing, CIO says

Defense Department CIO Teri Takai cautions against jumping into the cloud without the right organization or strategy.

5 technologies key to the mobile revolution

These emerging technologies will make mobile, wireless computing the dominant platform of the future.

'Culture of reuse' critical to modernizing old applications

Modernizing old applications could free a lot of money that is sunk into operations and maintenance, write two executives at Unisys Federal Systems.

Next-generation governance is the key to future IT success

Current governance techniques were devised in a less-connected age. The path forward lies in next-generation governance — not as a mere catch phrase, but as a tactile, sustainable method of operations, write Fred Knops and Mike Isman of Booz Allen Hamilton.

Is IT spending on the rise or not?

In one recent survey, data center managers said their budgets will not be increasing for 2011, while a second study points to rising overall IT spending budgets.

NASA launches contest for apps to mine its databases

NASA has launched a contest for clever programmers to come up with new tools to help mine the extensive planetary information collected in the agency's databases.

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