2011 GCN Awards

The 24th annual Government Computer News Awards recognized teamwork, public service and the important contributions of the younger generation in improving the quality of systems and services in the public sector.

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All of the 2011 GCN Award winners, profiles and agencies highlighted this year are below.

How do you test for peak tax filing performance?

In testing e-File, the IRS' biggest challenge was to create a test comparable to peak tax season performance.

MyMedicare.gov pays off with savings, preventative care

In building MyMedicare.gov, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services addressed an increasingly tech-savvy population and a mandate to cut costs.

Lt. Gen. William Lord

An IT leader on both the traditional and cyber battlefields

As the Air Force's IT leader, Lt. Gen. William Lord faces new terrain in supporting warfighters who must switch seamlessly from the traditional battlefield to the cyber domain.

CDC tracking system streamlines vaccine supply chain

CDC's Vaccine Tracking System will integrate all the pieces of the vaccine supply chain, from the purchase of vaccine from manufacturers to the final distribution of the vaccine to health providers.

Virtualization vital to vaccine tracking

With a tight timeline, the CDC turned to a virtual environment to keep the launch of its Vaccine Tracking System on schedule.

GSA wins race to the e-mail cloud

The General Services Administration migrated its increasingly mobile 17,000 e-mail users from an aging and outdated system to the secure, cloud-based and collaborative Google Apps for Government platform.

At DHS, a 'true-cloud' is launched

Homeland Security Department CIO Richard Spires works to make progress on four key areas of IT.

New Urban Mechanics: Apps in the pipeline

Citizen Connect is one of the projects in a larger effort to work with civic entrepreneurs and explore new technologies to address urban issues.

Vance Hitch

From Vietnam to 9/11, Hitch delved into 'key issues of our time'

Van Hitch, former CIO of the Justice Department, faced the formidable task of improving information-sharing capability in the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Establishing comms for Army brigade was a team effort

A tiger team made up of personnel from the Communications Automated Information System Interface network met the urgent communications needs of the 401st Army Field Support Brigade.

In Afghanistan, satellite capacity provides a lifeline

An Army satcom team worked feverishly to supply extra satellite capacity for logistics troops whose bandwidth had been squeezed by the 2010 troop surge in Afghanistan.

Boston mobile app shrinks the distance between city and citizen

Boston's Citizen Connect program gives residents the power to report problems and to check on fixes -- all from an Android or iPhone smart phone.

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