Geospatial tools offer killer app for Gov 2.0

If the key to government 2.0 is using government information as a platform for public discourse, then geospatial technologies are one of the killer apps, ESRI's predident told the Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington.

Online system delivers near-real time GIS data to firefighters

A system developed at San Diego State University makes detailed geographic information about wildfire conditions available in near-real time via satellite links to firefighters in the field.

Still sophisticated, ENVI gets easier to read

The tool used by specialists for purposes such as detecting abnormalities in medical images or looking for signs of climate change now has a set of predefined workflows, called Spear, in a graphical user interface.

Visualization tools improve transparency by making sense of raw data

Efforts toward greater transparency, such as the reporting requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, have spurred many agencies to look at visualization techniques they can use to show how money is being spent. A new crop of visualization tools can make the job easier.

Air Force certifies Savi RFID tags

The Air Force has certified Savi Technology's radio frequency identification asset tracking and security devices for use aboard all sizes and classifications of fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft that transport supplies for the Defense Department.

Digital pen speeds tasks for Nashua, NH

New Hampshire city uses Capturx pen for data collection, GIS tasks.

GIS goes vertical, with integration across state, local, federal lines

GIS applications and data are increasingly being linked thanks to informal information-sharing efforts at local and state agencies and more formal, federally funded programs.

Online mapping eases county growing pains

Cumberland County, N.C. establishes self-service map-based info-center.

NOAA’s Science on a Sphere adds a new dimension to data displays

Science on a Sphere is a multimedia 3-D projection system for displaying Earth science data on a globe, created by scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

House hearing calls for stronger federal role in geospatial efforts

Lawmakers take the Obama administration to task for paying insufficient heed to the need to develop a coordinated federal policy for geospatial information.

The elements of FusionX

FusionX combines ESRI's ArcGIS software with an array of Microsoft applications.

Science on a Sphere gains international appeal

There are about 35 spheres installed worldwide, with more expected by the end of the year.

Microsoft/ESRI app boosts GIS data sharing at Mass. fusion center

FusionX, developed with input from several agencies, combines ArcGIS data and SharePoint and other applications to integrate fusion center operations.

Census deploys Windows Mobile for field data collection

The Census Bureau will use Windows Mobile on 140,000 handheld PDAs to collect data for the 2010 census.

Is a national GIS on the map?

The concept of a national GIS has been floating around in various forms for perhaps 15 years, and technology has now advanced to the point where a national GIS is possible. But a few significant hurdles remain.

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