MapInfo Professional 10 adds new user interface

Latest version of MapInfo's flagship software offers redesigned user interface and access to open-source database.

NASA, Japan release the most detailed digital model yet of Earth

NASA and a Japanese agency have released a digital topographical map that covers 99 percent of the Earth’s land mass, created from nearly 1.3 million images taken from NASA’s Terra spacecraft.

NOAA to build new satellite ops center

NOAA’s National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service will operate from the new facility when it opens in September 2010.

DOD concerned about gaps in GPS service

The Defense Department’s struggling to get a new generation of Global Positioning System satellites in orbit before aging satellites fail.

Obama's transparent IT footprint

The Obama administration quickly established an information technology footprint during its first 100 days, driven by efforts to make information more easily available to the public.

Unisys offers stimulus tracking reporting tool

Unisys has unveiled the Recovery Act Reporting Environment to help government agencies and recipients of economic stimulus funds meet reporting requirements.

NOAA forecasts a mild solar season

An international panel led by NOAA expects fewer sunspots and storms than usual, but the strongest solar storm on record occurred during a below-average cycle.

DOD faces tough hurdles in maintaining, upgrading an aging GPS

The Global Positioning System is critical to our modern military, but delays in fielding a new generation of satellites to replace an aging constellation could mean an interruption of services as early as next year.

New stimulus tracking tools available

Microsoft earlier this week unveiled Stimulus360, while IT consulting firm Johnston McLamb applies its geospatial business intelligence expertise to stimulus tracking.

Coast Guard to harness ocean data to improve search and rescue

The Coast Guard can use maps of ocean surface currents to track probable paths of shipwreck victims and drifting lifeboats.

Remixing government data

Citizens, nonprofit groups and companies are using Web 2.0 tools to present government data in ways agencies haven't been able to.

A GIS program for the rest of us

Maptitude 5.0 is surprisingly easy-to-use GIS mapping software for the non-GIS user.

OGC revamping Web services standard

The Open Geospatial Consortium is studying changes in the OpenGIS Web Services Common Standard, which specifies parameters and data structures used in Web operation requests and responses.

European center tracks Web site hits after earthquakes

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre has come up with a quick and dirty method for determining the impact of earthquakes — by tracking the geographic locations of visitors to its Web site.

Google's fifth column

The village of Broughton, England, stood up to Google and its Street View cameras. But it couldn't stop an army of Twitterers.

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