NOAA becomes a principal member of Open Geospatial Consortium

Enhanced membership will give the agency a greater say in the future development of standards for interoperable geospatial information systems.

Transportation aggregates hazmat reporting

The Transportation Department unveiled a Web portal for pinpointing the locations of hazardous materials around the country.

LiveViewGPS launches two way tracking and messaging device

THe NavTrac RTV10 device combines GPS navigation with tracking and communications tools.

FAA pushing to get advanced technology into air traffic control system

The nation’s crowded airspace has begun seeing the advantages of the next generation of air traffic control technology, but the implementation is only beginning, officials tell Senate panel.

NASA applies GIS to its inner spaces

The geographic information systems team at NASA's Langley Research Center is using geospatial tools to find more efficient ways to allocate space at the research facility.

ESA prepares to launch GOCE satellite

European Space Agency's Gravity Ocean Circulation Explorer to measure Earth’s gravitational field, ocean currents.

NASA, Cisco develop new environmental monitor

The system, named Planetary Skin, is intended to be an online, collaborative application that will make available environmental data collected from satellites and airborne, sea-based and land-based sensors.

NASA, Cisco collaborate on global environmental monitoring

The Planetary Skin project will collect and analyze environmental data from satellite, sea-based, airborne and land-based sensors to monitor climate change.

Army establishes Geospatial Center, expands focus

The Army Geospatial Center will support the Army Battle Command System and integrate technologies and processes to give warfighters a geospatial common operational picture.

Building 'Virtual USA' one state at a time

Federal and state authorities are collaborating on a project that would allow state and local caches of geospatial data to be interoperable, with the goal of creating a "Virtual USA" for emergency response.

PCI Geomatics updates Geomatica

Enhancements in Geomatica 10.2 include support for Windows Vista, as well as additional satellite sensor support.

Mapping the country's changing biomass

Researchers are using satellite and other data to map the amount of vegetation covering the United States, which is important for assessing the effects of global warming.

Terrametrix maps urban terrain

Terrametrix embarked on a 3,690-mile, six-city, eight-day tour to capture a 3D model of urban terrain using StreetMapper, a high-precision mapping system that employs vehicle-mounted laser scanners.

GIS tools never looked better

New tools in Google Earth and other geospatial platforms promise to dramatically expand government’s ability to visually communicate vast amounts of data.

NOAA upgrades rescue system

The 406 MHz digital system provides more information than the old, analog 121.5 MHz signal and can determine location to within 5 kilometers instead of 18.

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