NOAA uses Google Earth to take you down to the sea

NOAA is supplying images, geospatial data and video on the Earth’s oceans for the latest version of the Google application.

Digital pen puts GIS to work

Field teams for the city of Nashua, N.H., are using the Capturx digital pen to link field notes to the maps in its geographic information system.

Geospatial data spreads like wildfire

MapInfo's FireLocator uses Microsoft Virtual Earth and information from NASA, USGS and other sources to provide up-to-the-minute information on California wildfires.

GPS for inauguration-goers

Free NavigatingWashington app provides direction for visitors to Washington.

OGC launches Empire Challenge pilot effort

The Empire Challenge is an annual demonstration event that seeks to improve the interoperability of joint and coalition intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance activities.

Software pinpoints wireless handset locations

Polaris' Wireless Location Signatures technology lets agencies monitor voice calls and data sessions.

The outer limits of embedded systems

Embedded systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, as their use on the Mars Rover and at the South Pole attest. And they’re becoming more integrated with larger information technology systems.

Library of Congress offers GIS demo

GIS Day presentations focus on mapping technology apps to resolve geographic conflict in maps and charts, as well as software tools for data analysis.

Microsoft unveils Single View Platform

New tool is an architecture for integrating data with geospatial visualization in the enterprise.

Ind. launches GIS emergency network

Indiana network uses a Web portal for linking local resources with state and federal agencies in the event of a disaster.

MarkLogic updates XML database

New MarkLogic server puts XML on the map.

Alabama's layered approach

Virtual Alabama grows into a powerful geospatial platform used by state, local and federal organizations.

NOAA expands geodetic reference network

Agency adds 43 new Global Positioning System tracking sites as part of the Continuously Operating Reference Station network that helps surveyors and other users determine the 3-D positions of sites or objects.

Software puts data on the map

The Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency combines Cognos business intelligence software and MapInfo mapping software to give its agents a handle on client data.

NOAA explorer will lead to marine discoveries

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Okeanos Explorer features high-definition video and a remote-control exploration vehicle that will provide data to researchers.

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