Big Brother is watching ... in a good way

Alabama Department of Human Resources has outfitted social workers sent into the field with cell phones that can track their location and send alerts if they stay longer than expected.

NGA awards research grants

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has announced its grant awards for the fiscal 2008 NGA University Research Initiative program.

MassHousing adds new MapInfo tool

Massachusetts' Housing Finance Agency is using the software to incorporate location analysis into its existing apps to monitor and analyze enterprise data.

Erdas releases beta of ImagineObjective

Erdas, formerly Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging, publicly released the beta version of Imagine Objective, a new tool providing object-based multiscale image classification and feature extraction capabilities for building and maintaining accurate geospatial content.

Archives, USGS to co-manage geospatial archive

The agencies have signed a pact to ensure that a collection of satellite imagery and photographs will be preserved and accessible.

USGS' real-time water quality monitoring

GCN tech briefs: Few agencies are as well suited to take advantage of the geospatial capabilities of the Web as the U.S. Geological Survey. The latest example of that is the agency's new WaterQualityWatch Web site.

Long arm of virtual Alabama

The Alabama Department of Homeland Security develops a far-reaching database of geographic information.

An ocean of data

NOAA begins integration work for ambitious observation program.

Mapping tool open sourced

Arizona State University's Mars Space Flight Facility has released into open source a mapping program that NASA has used to display data from and even help plan a number of missions.

Geospatial tool tracks disease outbreaks globally

U.S. Geological Survey unveiled an updated and expanded online version of the Global Wildlife Disease News Map Version 2.

Where GIS gets lost

COVER STORY: Agencies' use of powerful geospatial apps often hits a dead end when it comes to working together.

U-blox counts in nanoseconds

Product Spotlight: The U-blox LEA-5T is a precision-timing GPS module accurate to within 15 nanoseconds.

SQL Server 2008 offers new strength

Microsoft's soon-to-be-released SQL Server 2008 offers new support for spatial data types that some analysts say should deliver a real boost to geospatial applications and data sharing at all levels of government.

Congressional watchdog site launched

Stanford University law professor Larry Lessig and campaign worker Joe Trippi have launched a community-activist Web site that they hope will reduce lobbyists' influence on Congress.

Samsung shows off new products

Among the offerings were the Q1 Ultra Premium Mobile PC, weighing in at less than two pounds.

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