New chip tracks smart-phone locations down to the inch, even indoors

Broadcom's new chip uses sensors, wireless protocols and multiple satellite constellations to pinpoint locations outside or inside, and even tell you which floor you're on.

Warrantless cell-phone tracking widespread, study finds

U.S. police routinely track cell phones in their investigations, but only a tiny minority obtain warrants to do so, according to an ACLU investigation.

Farm Service Agency looks to the cloud for imagery data

The Agriculture Department's Farm Service Agency is investigating how geospatial imagery data can be delivered via cloud-based Web services.

DARPA challenge: Program satellites to salvage space tech

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency challenged programmers to help harvest valuable components from retired satellites still orbiting the Earth.

National Geospatial Platform still has a few mountains to climb

The depository for federal GIS data is operating but must clear some hurdles before it can reach its full potential, geospatial information officers say.

Robot cars get the green light in Nevada

State becomes the first to allow self-driving vehicles -- for testing, at the moment -- which Google says can increase safety.

May it please the court, FBI turns off 3,000 GPS trackers

The agency disabled thousands of Global Positioning Tracking devices to comply with a recent Supreme Court ruling that such searches require a warrant.

FCC shoots down LightSquared's plans for satellite network

Ruling comes after NTIA report concludes there is "no practical way" to solve the problem of GPS interference at the moment.

Congress approves shift to GPS air traffic control

Airplane arrivals at major airports could get a huge technological boost from Global Positioning System navigation thanks to a bill passed by Congress.

Court's GPS ruling doesn't answer the real question of online privacy

The court's decision that use of a GPS tracking device constitutes a search relied on property rights and did not address the question of privacy in an increasingly online world.

Largest solar storm in 7 years could disrupt GPS signals, power grid

Storm also could bring Northern Lights to parts of the lower 48.

Supreme Court: Planting GPS tracker on a car is 'search,' requires warrant

The court rules unanimously that police installing a GPS device on a suspect's vehicle constitutes a search and requires a warrant to be constitutional.

Court ruling on GPS tracking: Is Big Brother in the driver's seat?

A federal judge rules that the FBI doesn't need a warrant to put a GPS tracker on a suspect's car; the Supreme Court is set to decide a similar case.

LightSquared: GPS interference is device-makers' fault

In a petition to the FCC, the company says GPS device-makers have no right to protection from signal interference because LightSquared, not GPS devices, has a license to use the spectrum.

Paul McCloskey

Big data = smaller government

Government's increasing use of analytics software could help pull the nation out the current economic stall and make government programs smaller, smarter and cheaper.

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