Language behind Google Earth likely to be a standard

Advantages of making KML a standard include that it speeds development of Web-based mapping applications and encourages greater interoperability of products.

Democratizing GIS

Geographic information systems are being democratized by the Web. And this is more along the lines of a revolution than an evolution.

FEC maps out finance data

The Federal Election Commission finds an easy, visual way to get campaign contribution information on the Web. Now, it just needs more servers to handle the traffic.

OGC moves Google's KML closer to a standard

The Open Geospatial Consortium has dubbed Google's KML a best practice and is working with Google to make sure it integrates well with other standards.

USGS offers satellite imagery online

The U.S. Geological Survey has released an array of images of the United States as part of a pilot project for the Landsat Data Continuity Mission.

Google Maps gets down to street level

Google has introduced a slick new feature for Google Maps that drops users right down to street level to view the scenery.

NOAA awards geospatial deal

General Dynamics has been awarded a contract by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to support its National Coastal Data Development Center.

Map App will travel

Street Atlas USA 2007 Plus navigates you throughout the U.S. and Canada using equipment you probably already have.

DHS: Additional SBINet wireless test will teach lessons

DHS will begin a second wireless test of its Border Net project in the Great Lakes region to build on lessons learned in the Arizona pilot test.

Geospatial One-Stop

The Geospatial One-Stop project ' sponsored by the Office of Management and Budget ' wants your data.

Signals of opportunity

GIS greens San Francisco

The Urban Forest Mapping Project allows the city's existing and newly planted trees to be tracked, and the city to map future planting locations and calculate costs.

NASA opens World Wind viewer as a mapping tool

With World Wind, NASA offers its satellite imagery to third parties for 3-D geospatial mapping and other uses.

USGS pilots app for analyzing land cover

The U.S. Geological Survey has launched a preview version of a tool for analyzing how land cover ' such as land, water, vegetation and artificial structures ' has changed over time.

NASA opens GIS components to third-party use

Features in a popular NASA geomapping program are now available as services that can be used by third-party applications.

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