Mobile users get the full 311 menu with city's new app

The nation's first municipal 311 non-emergency call center now lets citizens report problems and request services through a mobile app that supports images and GPS data.

GSA, agencies create common 'landing zone' for geospatial data

GSA recently entered into an agreement with the Agriculture and Interior Departments as well as the Environmental Protection Agency to move geospatial data from the portal into, said David McClure, associate administrator with GSA's Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies.

State uses analytics to build roads faster, cheaper

North Carolina's Transportation and Water Quality departments use SAS Analytics to analyze huge volumes of geographic data to build roads faster, reduce costly land surveys and minimize environmental impact.

Geospatial Platform puts data, maps and apps all in one place

A multiagency effort is developing a one-stop shop for accurate, interoperable geospatial data, maps and tools from across government.

GPS-enabled shoes will give Alzheimer's caregivers peace of mind

Shoes with Global Positioning System technology could help track down people with dementia or other cognitive problems when they wander off.

Boston mobile app shrinks the distance between city and citizen

Boston's Citizen Connect program gives residents the power to report problems and to check on fixes -- all from an Android or iPhone smart phone.

Military mission: Avoiding geospatial overload

Improved tagging and better standards are making it simpler to merge an overwhelming amount of geospatial images, maps and related data.

NOAA app delivers aerial, satellite imagery to mobile devices

A new Web application allows first responders to access disaster images directly on their smart phones and tablets.

FCC to tighten local accuracy requirements for mobile phones

The Federal Communications Commission wants to improve locational accuracy as part of its efforts toward enhanced 911 services.

USGS to publish more than 250K historic maps on Web

The U.S. Geological Survey is scanning the topographic maps, some of which are more than 100 years old, and making the high-resolution electronic PDFs available to the public.

Doomsayers strike out on comet curveball

Doomsayers will have to find another end-of-the world theory, now that NASA has allayed fears about Comet Elenin.

FEMA iPad tool helps rescuers visualize disaster scene

The tool enables linking modeling and simulation tools with the underlying event data, thereby improving the emergency planning, training, evaluation and response cycle.

DHS preps next test for sharing emergency info

The Homeland Security Department is moving forward with plans for another emergency response test, this time in the Northeast.

Virtual USA: How geospatial tech is changing government

A geospatial framework emerges for emergency response coordination among federal, state and local governments.

Should states take the lead on standards for emergency response data?

A national — rather than a federal — model for emergency response data sharing is a key to progress in standards making, geospatial planners say.

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