GPS-tagged toucans solve how seeds spread through rainforests

Researchers attach a lightweight, temporary GPS backpack to the birds to study how they spread seeds.

Laser-based mapping tech a boost for troops in Afghanistan

LIDAR's remote sensing technology, which bounces pulsed lasers, produces more accurate maps more quickly than traditional geospatial tools.

GIS app gives first responders in Georgia a moving picture

An app built for $30,000 gives crews in Marietta, Ga., an evolving, real-time view of emergencies.

Intell agency has plan to cut power via software

NGIA plans to deploy MiserWare's Granola Enterprise and Datacenter software, which lets organizations track energy use and savings across thousands of computers.

Free MAP 6.0 upgrade includes cloud options

Microsoft released the next iteration of its free planning tool for IT pros, embellishing it with extra cloud assessment capabilities.

Gatewing UAV delivers high-res digital mapping

The drone can stay aloft at its default flight altitude of 492 feet for half an hour, during which it can photograph nearly a square mile at a time, taking 1,000 photographs.

Space shuttle technology that fell to Earth

Even though the Atlantis' 12-day mission marks the close of the shuttle era, you might be surprised at some of the beneficial technologies the program leaves behind.

A sensing probe in every car?

Sensors in new cars could track bad weather, pinpoint road congestion and prevent crashes.

DHS comes to first responders' rescue

Two new devices from the Homeland Security Department's Science and Technology Directorate will help track the movements and vital signs of firefighters responding to a blaze.

City uses high-tech bracelets to find missing seniors, children

An Ohio police department supplies wrist bracelets that can track missing elderly people and children.

How budget cuts could rain on your picnic

NOAA needs another satellite in orbit to continue providing accurate long-range forecasts, but Congress has pegged the satellite’s funding for cuts.

Satellite imagery used to help fight Arizona fire

Satellite technology is coming to the rescue in the fight against the largest wildfire in Arizona history.

Report on whether LightSquared's 4G network disrupts GPS signals is delayed

The company behind a proposed 4G wireless network has been given a two-week extension to file a report to the FCC concerning interference with GPS signals.

Accurate flood mapping is still a work in progress

Agencies are still at work gathering data needed to bring the latest GPS technology to bear in creating more accurate flood maps for the United States.

Highway safety chief: Car not a 'mobile device'

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's David Strickland tells a telematics conference he opposes on-board information and entertainment apps, whether they're hands-free or not.

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