How GIS can make you a better citizen

Geographic information system apps are appearing on smart phones and, in turn, are enabling people to connect with and enhance government services.

Highway safety chief: Car not a 'mobile device'

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's David Strickland tells a telematics conference he opposes on-board information and entertainment apps, whether they're hands-free or not.

A GIS mobile app sampler

Check out these mobile apps that promote the use of GIS to consume, create and share geospatial data.

How 511 got its digits

After the Federal Communications Commission was given jurisdiction over the N11 dialing codes by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Transportation Department petitioned to assign 511 for automated travel information services.

Air Force wants acoustic sensors to help save the squirrels

The service is seeking acoustic fingerprinting technology to locate and track the endangered Mohave squirrels on Edwards Air Force Base.

Hacker exposes data on server at NASA Goddard

A hacker claims to have exposed data on an FTP server at NASA’s Goddard Center related to the satellite-based Earth Observation System.

Center of U.S. population shifts again, and Census is on the trail

The geographic center of the U.S. population has shifted west and south over the past 10 years to Texas County, Missouri. The Census Bureau and NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey are marking the occasion – and the spot.

Apple speaks, says it doesn't track iPhone locations

Apple says the reason it is being vilified is the result of a bug.

How an IP address can reveal your location

Research team develops a method that can pinpoint a user’s location within a half-mile, a geolocation accuracy 50 times more accurate than current systems used.

Mike Daconta

Big data: You'll have it, but can you handle it?

Massive datasets created by new cloud platforms will put a heavy burden on government IT managers. Here’s what you can do about it.

Analytics tool predicts the traffic for Bay Area drivers

The IBM Traffic Prediction Tool analyzes traffic data from sensors in roads, toll booths, bridges and intersections and combines it with GPS data from drivers' cell phones.

Army launches first GPS-guided mortars in Afghanistan

Precision Guided Mortar Munitions provide a sevenfold increase in accuracy.

Mapping from coast to coast, two centimeters at a time

A national event kicking off Surveyors’ Week will add precise new GPS data points to the National Geodetic Survey’s online database, eventually making maps more accurate than ever.

Proposed laws on ID tech take privacy to the extreme

You have to be careful in handling personal information, but legislation that would prohibit most uses of biometric data and RFID would throw the baby out with the bathwater.

A Western state GIS tour

Colorado, Montana, Oregon and Utah are evaluating the use of cloud services to cut storage and processing costs associated with geographic information system data. However, each state’s GIS environment is different. Here's a snapshot.

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