United we map: For GIS storage, bigger is better

A consortium of Western states offers federal agencies space in the cloud to lower storage costs and management overhead of large GIS datasets.

Copy, paste...and presto, open government data makes sense

An online mapping site developed by the FCC and FortiusOne lets users quickly put spreadsheet data into perspective.

Trimble Nomad

Rugged Trimble phone conquers battery of Mil-Std tests

The GCN Lab takes the Trimble Nomad 900XW into the field.

Western states look to solve GIS storage woes in the cloud

The cost of storing massive, and growing, amounts of geospatial data has prompted a consortium of Western states to explore the option of storing that data in the cloud.

Next-gen 911 app for Android includes video, audio and location with emergency calls

The University of Maryland is beta testing a next-generation 911 application, V911, which works via IP rather than as a standard phone call.

Agencies, choose your clouds – here are the 3 basic options

Should you build one in-house, tap the public cloud or let GSA broker a deal for you? The choice is yours, but you better make it soon.

Air Force addresses flaws in wide-angle surveillance system

The Air Force responded quickly to reports circulating this week that the Gorgon Stare battlefield surveillance system is flawed and unfit for deployment.

Pilots warned that DOD tests will disrupt GPS signals

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a Notice To Airmen advisory about GPS disruption on the East and West coasts because of testing being done by the Defense Department. What about handheld GPS receivers?

Geotagged — you're it!

Location-aware applications on smart phones can come in handy, at times even saving lives. But you also could be sharing more information than you think.

How far can virtual worlds go in improving the real one?

Computer modeling simulations are getting increasingly fine-grained, with plans to produce a nearly omniscient view of the Earth. But can they account for the human factor?

Scientists' plan for real-time virtual Earth would simulate...everything

The Living Earth Simulator will model all human and natural activity on the planet to predict future man-made and natural disasters.

Google adds a layer to climate modeling efforts

Google Earth Engine makes 25 years of LANDSAT satellite images available for studying changes and mapping trends in the Earth's environment.

Data modeling for the masses

Data.Gov provides downloadable datasets to the public. The data can be used for a variety of purposes, such as research and analysis of scientific and demongraphic trends.

Foursquare, other geolocation services could endanger troops

Popular geolocation services tell smart-phone users where they are, but the Air Force warns that they could also tell the enemy as well.

Pass the GIS: First responders get a data-sharing app

A new data exchange system, developed by Lockheed Martin, allows first responders in three Maryland counties to share geospatial imaging and map information.

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