Geospatial data management refined

The OMB has issued supplemental guidance to improve the management of geospatial data

Google Maps dragged into border dispute

A line of pixels drawn by Google Maps between the border of Nicaragua and Costa Rica is being used as an excuse in an old territorial dispute.

Predicting earthquake risks and effects around the world

GEM, an international open-source effort, could cut across economic lines and bypass international tensions to provide a global view of earthquake risks and damage potential.

How NOAA quickly developed an in-depth view of gulf oil spill

After the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon undersea oil well April 20, NOAA quickly established the Geospatial Platform to collect data from multiple agencies and make it available to the public and scientific community.

Florida gets technical with evacuation maps

The Florida Coastal Mapping project combines data collection with disaster preparedness by collecting LIDAR data for coastal counties to estimate storm surge depths from hurricanes.

These are not your uncle's agency IT projects

The winners of this year GCN Awards for Government IT Achievement, many involving impressive scope, cross-agency cooperation and tight deadlines, are examples of how old barriers are being broken down.

Baltimore PD uses GPS app to track its officers

The department is using Xora’s Field Force Manager, an application that runs on officers' Verizon BlackBerry Curves, to keep track of where officers are.

Who will win midterm elections? You can Google it.

Google's 2010 U.S. Elections Ratings maps projections from four independent analysis organizations of House, Senate and gubernatorial races.

Salem, Ore., maps crime data for all to see

The city of Salem, Ore., has joined a growing list of communities in contributing data to, which displays the information on clickable, searchable maps.

GPS technology advances at risk due to bad oversight, GAO says

The future development of the Global Positioning System is threatened by ambitious schedules that haven't been met, according to a new report from GAO.

Harry Potter and the evolution of GIS

Developments in geospatial technologies include the geotagging of photos and, soon, SMS text messages. Geotags offer a lot of potential benefits, but there's also a potential dark side to anyone having a Marauder's Map.

GIS' future is with crowds, clouds ... and 4-D

Geospatial technologies are exploding -- into crowdsourced applications, cloud platforms, and 3-D and 4-D environments.

20 IT projects to be honored at GCN Awards

The 10 projects selected for the 2010 GCN Awards, along with 10 honorable mentions, reflect the growing trends in government information technology toward open-source, cross-agency collaboration and transparency.

Which state is the first deploy a mass mobile alerting system?

The new system – which sends text messages to mobile phones - can target specific geographic areas, which could be as large as a city or as small as a few blocks.

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