3 reasons to beware of the hype at CES

Although a lot of buzz will come from CES, the hot new product doesn't always do so well in the real world. Here are three past "darlings" that didn't catch on.

Paper-thin, 55-inch TV could show the future of monitors

LG Electronics will show off its organic LED monitor at CES, which could mean the technology is finally ready for prime time.

DOD still wrestling with scalability, security for wireless networks

DOD experts discuss the challenges involved in issuing mobile devices to military and civilian personnel.

NASA aims to let UAVs fly in civil airspace

NASA is teaming with Rockwell Collins to develop a data link that will allow UAVs to coexist with commercial aircraft.

Top tech advances for 2012

From invisible tanks to radar that can see through walls, the GCN Lab's coverage this year points to some jaw-dropping technology developments in 2012.

5 mobile products that are great for government

The GCN Lab reviews five of the latest smart-phone and tablet products that would be a good fit for government workers at the office, home and in-between.

At Los Alamos Lab, mobile security gets picky

The Los Alamos National Lab takes a 'pick-and-choose' approach to securing mobile networks for its large, diverse user base.

Nokia Windows smart phones to debut in US

Nokia and partner T-mobile are banking on the 150 million people in the United States who haven't upgraded their cell phones as they gear up to release the first Nokia smart phone in the nation Jan. 11.

iPads coming soon to a cockpit near you

American Airlines has won approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for its pilots to use iPads in the cockpit beginning Dec. 16.

Navy's undersea robots get smarter

The U.S. Navy is developing new software programs to make its ocean-going robots more independent.

Plug-and-play graphics to rule one day

Although not perfect, the Accell UltraVideo USB 2.0 to DVI-I Adapter shows there is a lot of power in cables, if we know how to use them.

Motorola unveils hardware-based security for mobile devices

Motorola is deploying a hardware-based security system for mobile devices that is intended to meet the needs of the secure government market.

Noyce Google search doodle

Google Doodle a fitting tribute to Robert Noyce

Happy Birthday, Robert Noyce.

Mobile network could tie USDA's far-flung agencies together

"USDA Anywhere" is intended to be a single departmentwide mobile network flexible enough to let its 29 disparate agencies modify it to suit their needs.

iPhone Siri

The iPhone 4S: Rise of the machines

Despite a few beta-related flaws, Apple's latest phone reveals the future of human/machine interaction.

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