Motorola unveils hardware-based security for mobile devices

Motorola is deploying a hardware-based security system for mobile devices that is intended to meet the needs of the secure government market.

Noyce Google search doodle

Google Doodle a fitting tribute to Robert Noyce

Happy Birthday, Robert Noyce.

Mobile network could tie USDA's far-flung agencies together

"USDA Anywhere" is intended to be a single departmentwide mobile network flexible enough to let its 29 disparate agencies modify it to suit their needs.

iPhone Siri

The iPhone 4S: Rise of the machines

Despite a few beta-related flaws, Apple's latest phone reveals the future of human/machine interaction.

Mobile conflict: What users want vs. what agency needs

Agencies going mobile must balance users' expectations with security and operational imperatives, industry experts say.

Security basics: Start within the BIOS

Monitoring the integrity of a computer’s Basic Input/Output System can be critical to security. NIST offers guidelines for developing tools that support BIOS integrity.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire: A great 2nd tablet, with good features for the job

The Kindle Fire isn't an iPad killer, but instead can complement it and many others. It's the tablet to have if you have more than one.

Wonder Woman invisible jet

Nanotube paint could make invisible aircraft a reality

Nanotubes can be configured to create the blackest black, rendering an object invisible to radar or vision at night, researchers say. You wouldn't even be able to see Wonder Woman sitting inside.

Sensors for drones? DARPA wants an app for that.

Mobile developers who have worked on apps to help people find restaurants and buy movie tickets could soon be working on smart-phone apps to help the military fly its drones.

Agencies' mobile question: How to get there from here?

The federal government wants to adopt mobile devices more widely, but its agencies and departments must consider a variety of issues before taking the plunge.

Motorola Razr

Motorola debuts cutting edge RAZR smart phone

The Droid RAZR by Motorola proves that thin does not have to mean flimsy.

Acer Iconia Tab A501

Acer's tablet is fast-acting -- and long-lasting

The small form factor of Acer's Iconia Tab A501 belies its widescreen multi-touch display, and its weight would have you underestimate what's packed inside.

Why Androids are less secure than iPhones

It's not the phones, it's the apps: Android's popularity and lax security controls make it the most popular target for malware, according to McAfee Labs.

Should computers be powered down for the holidays?

It's an age-old debate (in the computing era, anyway), and there is a right answer.

Is your agency ready for server virtualization?

Server virtualization is the division of a server's memory or processor capacity into separate and isolated "virtual machines," simulating multiple machines within one physical box. So where is your agency with the process?