Acer 3D monitor HN274H

A rare 3-D monitor that’s also good at 2-D

The Acer HN274H LCD Monitor displays brilliant 3-D without sacrificing 2-D performance, and does it at a great price.

Baltimore opens its 311 system with Open311

The Open 311 Application Programming Interface allows third parties to develop apps that integrate with cities' 311 non-emergency service systems.

Could hackers steal info, start a fire using your printer?

Columbia University researchers say they've discovered a flaw in certain Hewlett-Packard printers that would let hackers take control of the devices, launch an attack or cause the printers to overheat.

Lenovo tablet

Government, consumers hanging out at Lenovo's pad

The IdeaPad Tablet K1 from Lenovo is a newer tablet whose performance deserves a closer look from government users.

BlackBerry's new enterprise system supports iPhones, Androids

The new BlackBerry Mobile Fusion enterprise mobility application allows organizations to manage multiple devices per user, including Android and Apple platforms.

Digital dragnet: How data became a cop's best weapon

Police are using technologies originally developed for business analysis to investigate cases, catch criminals and even predict crime trends.

IsatPhone Pro

Dead zones don't stop this phone

The Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro satellite phone can help you make calls from anywhere in the world.

Tech turkeys: 8 epic product misfires

From devices that did less than what you already had to an operating system people hid from, these products define failure.

Magic Cube Hands

The standard keyboard goes virtual

The Celluon Virtual Laser Keyboard with Magic Cube uses an optical sensor to follow the exact positions of your fingers as you type on a laser-projected keyboard.

A battery that lasts 10 times longer, charges 10 times faster?

A team at Northwestern University discovers a great leap forward in lithium-ion technology.

Flashy House Republicans' WhipCast app has serious legislative tone

House Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy apparently took some tips from Hollywood in debuting the new GOP WhipCast mobile application, but the information it provides is anything but yesterday's news.

App developers are hot for Kindle Fire

Amazon's media tablet had become the favorite Android device among developers even before its release, while Windows Phone 7 pulled away from BlackBerry.

Hot enough for you: Data center cooling system heats buildings

The water in the mineral oil-fueled cooling tank, heated by computers to about 122 degrees, is being routed to the HVAC systems of surrounding buildings in Sweden.

Can 'Jailhouse Heat' save 3-D?

The adult entertainment industry has a history of influencing technology choices.

Are mobile devices already making PIV cards obsolete?

Requirements for using Personal Identity Verification credentials for logical access to networks appear to be forgotten in the adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise.

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