Thailand floods will create hard-drive shortage

Monsoon floods have shut down factories in the country, the second-largest maker of hard disk drives.

A data center without hard drives: That's Stanford's RAM plan.

Stanford University researchers say a server using only dynamic random-access memory could recover from a crash in 1.6 seconds.

With an IT overhaul, State beefed up the first line of border defense

Revamping its consular affairs systems gave the State Department the IT prowess to manage a surge of 2 million visa and passport requests a month.

Stop me before I text and drive again!

Practically everyone agrees with laws against texting while driving, but many of them do it anyway, a new AAA survey finds.

Why smart phones are targets: Popularity is up, security is down

More people are adopting tablets and smart phones, which don't get the same level of security attention as PCs, Georgia Tech researchers say.

How NASA lab, Amazon share security responsibilities in the cloud

From the hypervisor down is Amazon's job; the rest belongs to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

As robotics becomes more prominent, 'robot rodeos' are all the rage

A recent 'robot rodeo' for bomb squads in Oklahoma is the latest in a series of events that reflect the growing role of robotics.

GSA wins race to the e-mail cloud

The General Services Administration migrated its increasingly mobile 17,000 e-mail users from an aging and outdated system to the secure, cloud-based and collaborative Google Apps for Government platform.

Bad vibrations: How smart phones could steal PC passwords

The sensors on smart phones can detect keystrokes on a nearby keyboard and be used to interpret the words being typed, Georgia Tech researchers say.

At DHS, a 'true-cloud' is launched

Homeland Security Department CIO Richard Spires works to make progress on four key areas of IT.

UAV full-motion video changes the face of intelligence

Full-motion video from unmanned aircraft systems has proved a tremendous benefit to intelligence gathering in war zones.

Are BlackBerry faithful losing their religion?

RIM is offering free apps and tech support to make up for last week's outage, but some users are already heading for the door.

Establishing comms for Army brigade was a team effort

A tiger team made up of personnel from the Communications Automated Information System Interface network met the urgent communications needs of the 401st Army Field Support Brigade.

Army looks to troops for smart-phone tech advice

In a departure from the military's use-it-and-like-it mindset, the Defense Department is studying the human factors involved in outfitting warfighters with smart phones.

Military mission: Avoiding geospatial overload

Improved tagging and better standards are making it simpler to merge an overwhelming amount of geospatial images, maps and related data.

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